Monday, February 4, 2008

Sneak a Peek

I gave you all a peek into my workspace back in October (here) , but since opening my new shop, things have changed dramatically! I thought I'd give you a little peek into my (not so) Elegant studio (also known as the dining room, although I use the term "dining" loosely as we never ever eat there) so you can see this artist at work... as well as sneak a peek at my latest sketches.

My colored pencils are the most important things in my life, apart from friends and family. Especially my DesignSpectracolor pencils which I keep in my vintage Volkswagon purse. These pencils became discontinued in 1998, when Berol was bought out my Sanford (the maker of Prismacolor-- the pencils in the bottom picture). My heart completely broke! Especially considering the fact that the gorgeous soft lead pencils are no longer on the market, and Prismacolor's hard lead pencils dominate. Oh well. I covet my treasured collection, but will just have to deal once they are gone!!

And here is what is left of poor Tootsie and Grace: a forlorn sewing machine. Well, nevermind. She will be put to good use in a couple of days as I'll be off to make some more sock monkeys!

I am hard at work with a Nursery Rhyme collection. Here are the first sketches (although my final drawings always look much like the first sketches. You will see my arrow telling me to move Jack Horner's hand over to the left, but other than that, he will look pretty similar once completed.

Poor Bo Peep has lost her sheep.... She is clearly upset about it. I just need to figure out her hands and her little hook thingie, and then she will be ready to color in.

Miss Muffet is my favorite in this collection so far. I love her hair!

Well stay tuned in the next few weeks, as I get these pictures finished, printed and added to my shop. They should be a lot of fun and I am looking forward to getting them finished!!

And in the meantime... I think I need to get to work sorting out the mess that is my dining room!!

Workspace organization makes things a little bit easier, so here are a few items found in some wonderful Etsy shops, to get you will on your way to an organized life!

I love the look of French Memory Boards, and the boards from Handmade Memories by JGuess are very sweet! You can find this board and more like it at

I love Paris and I love adorable magnets. Tamar has them both in her Etsy shop. This little magnets are just the thing to keep paper scraps at bay! You can find them at

And last, I have to work with my window open, as I use chemicals to melt the colored pencils into the paper (shhhhh! That is my favorite secret!). But when a windy day hits, a paperweight is necessary to hold all my stuff down! This Queen of Hearts paperweight is just the thing to keep a royal workspace under control! You can find it (as well as a king and a jack) at



Felicia said...

Thanks for the behind the crafty scene tour :)

The Downtown Boutique said...

I LOVE the new Nursery Rhyme sketches! SOOOOOO cute! Your poor sewing machine can come hang out with both of mine! I haven't made anything for the Ambrosia Delights shop since before Christmas!

Take care,

trudette, said...

You're drawings are so cute, I also love to use colorpencils .

earth and sun folk said...

you do wonderful work! love the sketches!!! had a good time reading your blog :)

Cathy said...

your new sketches look great - can't wait to see them finished! thanks for giving us an insight into your workspace (i think this is always a brave thing to do). you would have a heart attack if you saw the mess i sometimes work amongst!

hope your girls are well - i've had a bit of a scare with one of my boys this week. makes you appreciate them more (even in cheeky mode)!

paru's_circle said...

sorry to hear about the pencils,do look on ebay every so often.. things do come up here..

KJ said...

Thanks for your comments on Tasha Tudor. I agree wholeheartedly!

I love these little clear buttons. Thanks for sharing how they are done!


Anonymous said...

I love getting a peek at other artists' work space! I'm always curious to see if they are at all like mine. :) Thanks for sharing all your excellent pics! Your blog is so much fun to look at!

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