Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Prettiest Little Tushie in Town

We made the switch!

From plastic to cloth diapers, I mean. It is quite an adjustment, but completely worth it. I have felt so guilty about the piles and piles of diapers that I throw away on a daily basis, but have been too freaked out by the idea of switching to cloth diapers that I haven't done anything about it.

Gracie is just about potty trained, but Annelie is another story. At only one, I expect to have about a year and a half or more of diapers in our future. Since she goes through an entire pack in only five days... well that is a lot of wasted materials!

I was browsing though Etsy one night and I came across a shop called Katnappies, and just about flipped. I never could have imagined such adorable diapers! And Kathy, the sweet lady behind Katnappies, helped make the switch easy and stress free. She not only sent me a diaper to try out on Annelie, but she gave me the nicest bit of information about cloth diapers vs. plastic, so I would know what to expect as well as be sure that I am checking Annelie more often and making sure she is changed more frequently, as plastic diapers hide wetness since they are made to absorb and keep moisture away from the skin.

It has taken me a few days to adjust to the switch and really feel out Annelie's wetness patterns so she doesn't leak all over the place. When it comes to bedtime and long car rides, I do put her in plastic, as I don't have it all figured out yet and I don't want to make her uncomfortable. But all in all, we are now a cloth diaper family!

Check out these gorgeous little things! You can find them at Katnappies on Etsy, or at www.Katnappies.com.

And I can't finish this post without giving a shout out to SweetSpice for having the best all-natural organic diaper rash ointment on the planet.

During one awful teething spell, in which six nasty little teeth broke through at the same time, Annelie had a rash that was so bad we had to take her to the doctor... and even that didn't do anything to help!

I was at my wits end. Every 20 minutes, we had to change her, and wash her in the sink as we couldn't even use wipes on her. We tried every single cream on the market, even Neosporin and anti-fungal cream (her pediatrician's recommendation) . Every bath included baking soda, and a good long airing out after. After two weeks, she was so miserable, she couldn't do anything but cry at all times.

Nothing worked until I bought her Tiny Tushies ointment! By morning, she was almost completely healed. By the day after that... only a tiny bit of redness. And she has never had a diaper rash like that again.

Annelie is pretty happy with these changes! Not only is her pretty little tushie redness free, but it is so well padded from the cloth diaper that she doesn't cry when she plops down on her bum.


Nicole R.J. said...

Those are the cutest diapers I have ever seen! A huge step up from the ones I had a as a baby!

Nikki said...

CUTE, CUTE, CUTE! Thanks for adding me to your blog, I have you on my business and personal blog.

casserole said...

Congrats on making The Big Switch! I was a partial cloth diaperer with my daughter - cloth at home, disposable when out running errands. Your diapers are waaaay cuter than the ones we used!

Kerry said...

Love the girls' names!
I have 3 boys, so I'm a little envious of the girly fancy diapers...not the changing of them, of course!

ThisOldHenHouse said...

Oh wow, those are cute diapers! I always thought of cloth diapers as those thin little pieces of muslin or whatever it is that they use now as burp cloths in the hospital. My youngest son is only one, and I'll have to look into some cloth diapers for at home!

Distressing Delilah said...

How cute! Kudos to you for the change...I am always trying to think of ways to do my part for the "save the earth" campaign!

Art Kitten said...

oh those diapers are so cute! Good job making the switch! Next baby i have is going to have diapers as cute as those!

Cathy said...

oh i really love that first one!!! of course, the little model is just an absolute cutie :))

Leah said...

Hi! I've just bought some of these and a waiting on delivery. How are you finding the whole cloth nappy thing?? Any hints or suggestions from someone who's been using them for over a month now?

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