Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Shop Update: For the Paper Lovers!

I'll be updating my shop through the next few days and filling it to the brim with paper goodies. I have received a lot of positive feed back from friends and family, about my paper items such as my note cards, stationery, large gift tags, and mini gift tags, so I am updating my shop with a new selection for every occasion.

Here is a peek into the Cards and Stationery section of my shop, so you can see just what I have been putting together lately.

You'll find handfuls of note cards featuring my illustrations, covered with gorgeous papers and tucked inside a cello sleeve with a hand-folded envelope and an elegant sealing sticker to close it all up.

These little gift tags measure 3 x 3 in. and come in sets of 8. There are a variety of sets, including a Love Bunnies set, an Elegant Snobbery set, a Silly Sock Monkeys set, and an awesome variety pack filled with select prints and gorgeous papers, perfect for all occasions and if you just don't know which you like best!

There will be a handful of large hang-style tags, which measure 3 x 5 in. and come as a set of three. These tags are so beautiful and colorful, and will add the perfect touch to gifts and scrapbooks.

Be sure to come on over to the shop and check it out. There just might me something you love!

***** And as a bloggers exclusive, mention this blog post in notes to seller at check out and receive *free shipping* from now until Memorial Day (Monday, May 26th). Wait for a revised invoice after checkout, or else I will refund your PayPal account after purchase.



Cathy said...

just bought two of your gorgeous cards - don't know that I'll be able to part with them though :)

Denise Felton said...

OMG! Of COURSE you should put your illustrations on cards and tags. Brilliant! Yea!!!

*dashing over to your shop*

Nikki said...

Marisa, your cards and tags are beautiful! So far I haven't been able to part with any of mine, I guess i need to buy some more!

Keepsake Couture said...

How adorable!! I have no doubt they will be hot items in your shop!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Those are awesome!! :) You do such beautiful work and you are an inspiration to us all!

idyll hands said...

I love the paper goodies. I buy too many of them, but I always have room for more. I'll head over and check them out.

ThisOldHenHouse said...

Yay! Good for you Marisa!!

I couldnt resist!! The sock monkey hang tags will make a perfect addition to my scrapbook

And I couldnt not buy the fawn card, its my favorite :-)

casserole said...

Oh, these are YUMMY!!!!

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