Thursday, September 4, 2008

Playing Around With Mixed Media Collages

Joy is a Flower that Blooms When You Do
~author unknown 5 x 7 collage

I have been itching to try my hands at altered art/mixed media collages for ages, but frankly they have scared the daylights out of me. I don't really know what I am doing, but I just love them so much that I decided to suck up the courage and give them a try.

I bought some collage sheets with some lovely vintage images from The Lady's Closet months and months and months ago, but have only just looked at them, not knowing what in the world I would do with them all. But this past weekend, I put my colored pencils away, and pulled out my paints (watercolors and acrylics) and ink pens and just had at it.

"Child of the unclouded brow
and dreaming eyes of wonder!
Though time be fleet and I and thou
Are half a life asunder
Thy loving smile will surely hail
The love-gift of a fairy tale"
~Lewis Carroll 4 x 6 Collage

"How does one become a butterfly," she asked pensively.
"You must want to fly so much that you
are willing to give up being a caterpillar."
~Trina Paulus 5 x 7 Collage

"Doubt thou the stars are fire,
Doubt that the sun doth move
Doubt truth to be a liar,
But never doubt
I love you"
~William Shakespeare 5 x 7 Collage

"Garden fairies come at dawn
Bless the flowers, then they're gone"
~author unknown 5 x 7 Collage

So, these are the ones I have done so far. Kinda strange. Like Mackenzie-Childs meets Teesha Moore sprinkled with fairy dust and butterfly wings... but hey, I'm a beginner. And I like fanciful things. And I had a lot of fun.

And I love them!

If you are thinking of making some altered art collages of your own, be sure to visit The Lady's Closet. You wont be disappointed! You can find a bajillion collage sheets and fabulous vintage items to make your collages straight-up fabulous.

These are two of the sheets that I have. Recognize any of the images?? I'm completely enamored with the one featuring the vintage girls (if you can't already tell). Maybe because they look so angelic and peaceful, when my two little terrors are from from it.

And if you are looking for some French vintage text... or some vintage Bingo cards to make your collages on, The Lady's Closet is the place to be. And if you have a fancy printer at home (which I don't), you can save the time and effort and go straight to Digital Collage Sheets which is their second shop, filled with even more lovely collage sheets that are in PDF digital download form. Nice and easy!




Bare Bottoms Boutique said...

Those are great, Marisa! I really like them! Good job! :)

Marcyanna said...

Awesome! Keep going!

Made By Moms said...

You make beautiful art and you have a beautiful daughter -- and I completely sympathize about the terror that is toddlerhood. My son is just starting to inch out of his terrible twos but we're not done yet.

Our kids could get together and cause wanton mayhem and destruction where ever they roamed.

Take care and I'll be adding you to my blog :)


Cathy said...

love the new collages! you have done a wonderful job!

Leah said...

How funny - I've been playing around with mixed medial collage too. Mine aren't as polished as yours though - I'm going to cut them up to use in jewelry so I was going for color and texture more than anything cohesive. Yours are beautiful and completely work with your illustration style!

Crochet by Momma J said...

They are just beautiful. I can't believe that is your first time trying!

Denise Felton said...

You silly girl! You were BORN to do this! Gorgeous, gorgeous work.

kim* said...

love those antique collages.

Oh Mandie! said...

Oh my goodness I love them!! I wish I has as much artistic talent in my body that you have in your pinky finger girl!

elizabethjayne said...

These are lovely! Great job, especially for a beginner :D

Just wanted to let you know I gave you and your blog an award - please check out mine for details!

Happy Crafting!

Regal Beads said...

these are so neat!

casserole said...

Gorgeous!!! Your talents never cease to amaze me. Keep em coming!!

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