Monday, October 27, 2008

7 Things You May or May Not Have Known About Me

Portrait of Marisa by Gracie Hopkins, age 3
The green stuff on my face are my tattoos. One is a sparkle, one is a circle, and one is the ocean - says Gracie.
The mustache above my lips is actually my teeth and lipstick.
I am also wearing a tutu and green slippers.

I was tagged ages ago by Andrea of Handmade by Andrea Baker. It takes me forever to get to things, sometimes. I've been tagged before, and I also share just about everything about myself on this blog, but I tried to think of 7 random facts about me that I haven't shared yet. Normally, my tags are very, very, very long winded, so I'll do my best to keep this somewhat short and sweet.

Here goes.

1.) Everything makes me cry. I cry when I'm angry. I cry when I'm frustrated. I cry when I'm nervous. I cry when I'm embarrassed... the list goes on.

Will loves to watch me when I'm reading a sad book or watching a sad movie. He always knows when I'm about to break down, because I start by sniveling quietly... and then I burst into tears as if my heart has been broken into a million pieces. He thinks the look on my face is the funniest thing he has ever seen. He says it doesn't even look like I'm really crying (with the exception of the huge fat tears streaming down my cheeks) because my face is so exaggerated in its sadness.

Personally, I don't think there is anything funny about me crying my eyes out, but apparently, there is.

2.) I can't do a fake accent to save my life. The accent I'm the absolute worst at is the English accent. You'd think, after hearing my husband talk everyday for nearly 5 years, that I'd be able to sound half convincing with an English accent... but nope. Will says I sound Indian. And my Indian accent apparently sounds Scottish - says Will. He can do any accent and do it well. I'm hopeless.

3.) I have a very very expressive face. No poker face on this girl. You only have to take one look at me to know what mood I'm in. Although, it seems that my straight face is a little on the angry side, because when I'm walking down the street, I get a lot of weirdos saying things like, "Smile, sunshine," or "No need to be angry, pretty lady!" as I walk past.

Annoying, that. Of course they know that it annoys me, as my face is very expressive when I glare at them.

4.) I have the most irritating voice I have ever heard. Okay, I know that nearly everyone thinks that about themselves, don't they? But seriously, I have the most irritating voice I have ever heard. Way too high pitched. And I'm shrill when I'm angry.

5.) I'm loud. Very, very loud. Which worked for me. I was a high school cheerleader, took drama for a few years in high school as well as children's theatre in college, and I worked as a daycare supervisor and summer camp instructor for 5 years (often put on playground duty as my voice carried across the entire campus and all kids could hear me whenever I called them).

Gracie and Annelie are used to it already, and don't even flinch. I pretty much shout everything I say.

6.) I have no filtering system when I talk (or type). I say anything and everything to anyone and everyone. It is totally embarrassing and I usually notice I've said too much (waaaaay too much) about 10 minutes after the person I'm talking to has tuned me out.

7.) I have a somewhat rebellious nature. I'll show it all to you now, as I refuse to finish my tagging participation by tagging other people. The tagging stops here, folks.

At least I kept it short and sweet... for me. No filtering system, remember?



Nikki said...

Beautiful work Gracie!

I enjoyed reading more about you. I knew you had a rebellious streak! I can't do accents either.

KimbolinaMarie said...

everyone looks at me and says "open mouth insert foot"

We seem to have a lot in common!!

It's great to know I'm not the only one who can't hold a poker face, it doesn't work well when your in retail... my coworker tends to tell me how annoyed I looked when handling a few choice customers... sorry! I can't help it!!

Thanks for the wonderful post!

Marcyanna said...

haha! I love how you share everything! I have trouble doing that but am working on being more open! Thanks for being you!


Cathy said...

Great post and I love the picture Gracie drew of you...tutu and green it, love it, love it!!

Becs said...

Marisa, you crack me up! I can so see you in your art work! I left you an award. PLease drop by my blog for details...Becs

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Gracie is very talented! I agree with number 1. Note to self: add viewing children's art to the list of things that choke me up.

You think you cry now-just wait til the girls are big! :)

Denise Felton said...

OMG. I just love you. I had no idea that you were loud. Your written voice is very nicely modulated. :)

Oh Mandie! said...

I think everyone hates their own voice. I'm convinced I sound like a dude - which my husband tells me I'm full of shit for, but still, I do think my voice is a bit man-ish!

hmm.. having typed that and reading it back I now realize that I sound like a crazy ass and I probally shouldn't have put that... I suppose we also have the no filter thing in common as well

Marie said...

YOu're pretty interesting Marisa-you sound just like someone I know. (ME!) I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who does half of those things. My husband thinks I'm a one woman show.

J. Leigh Designz said...

#5 & #6 nail me to the T LOL!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blog! And the picture is adorable. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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