Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy National Pencil Day!

Okay, so perhaps not the most exciting day of the year... but as I'm a massive colored pencil fanatic (GO DESIGN SPECTRACOLORS!) (LETS HEAR IT FOR PRISMACOLORS!) of course I think it is a great day.

My colored pencils are like children to me... only a lot quieter, less messy, and a whole lot more polite. I love them. Very, very much. Especially my Design Spectracolors which I seem to talk about a lot on this blog. In fact, they might even deserve their own category along my blog's side bar.

.... Maybe not. But anyway, today we will be spending some serious quality time with our pencils and I hope you all will too. Pencils are wonderful things!

So I'll finish this celebratory post with a poem (and pencil illustration) I wrote back at the age of 12. Its not any good - heck, it doesn't even make any sense - but as you can see, pencils and I go way back.

My Family is Like a Box of Colored Pencils - by Marisa (Myers)

My family is like a box of colored pencils:

My brother is a new pencil, sharp at the tip but chewed around the edges.

My mother is the prettiest color, the one everyone wants to use.

I am the small colored pencil, the one way back, where it is hardly seen, but everyone knows where I am, because I'm the common color, the one in everyone's picture.

.... Um.... I'm not sure how my mom will feel knowing that I thought she was the one everyone wanted to use... Not sure what that is all about.

And unfortunately, my poetry skills have gotten worse over time. Not to mention my handwriting. But still. I love looking at my old homework papers. And of course, I love colored pencils.

So anyway, hurray for pencils and hurray for National Pencil Day!



Winklepots said...

LOL, well happy colored pencil day to you Miss Marisa! I'm glad you and you're dear pencils are so happy together. Here's to many more exciting years. :o)

Nikki said...

I had no idea it was National Pencil Day! I hope it's a good one for you.

Diane Duda said...

I love your poem and hope you had the best National Pencil Day ever!

AlyGatr said...

I am fully laughing at the "mom the most used pencil" part of the poem. Shakespeare...BAH! I majored in English in my undergrad and looking back at my 21 year old angst ridden poetry is always good for a laugh.

I LOVE my Prismacolors, though I am no where near as talented with mine. Amelia does a better job with them than I do. I was always partial to my Crayolas...I hung on to the same colors I had since the 1st grade until my hubby convinced me it was time to let them go.

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