Sunday, May 31, 2009

By the Sea, By the Sea, By the Beautiful Sea...

I'm feeling ocean-sick today.

I can't say home-sick for the ocean, as I've never actually lived in one. But my name, Marisa (pronounced Mer-ree-sa), is Latin for 'Of the Sea,' and therefore, I'm supposed to be a mermaid. That sounds logical, right? I think so, too. The ocean is home.

Now that I live waaaaay far from the sea, out here in West Texas, I miss it like crazy. I grew up in the Bay Area of California, only a short drive from Santa Cruz and Capitola. And driving an hour and a half to visit Carmel and Monterrey was just another weekend pastime for me and Will.

As much as I loved the ocean, and spent as much time there as possible, I took it all for granted. I just never expected to be away from it.

I was spoiled by Holly when I went to visit her in April. Seaside, the adorable little beach resort town along the Oregon coast, is only an hour drive from her home, and she was more than happy to pack me in her car and drive off for an afternoon. I hadn't seen the ocean in two years, and wow... it was fantastic being back.

After a lunch of fish and chips and clam chowder, we walked along the beach. The roar of the crashing waves, the smell of the salty air, the seagulls crying out as they fight over the leftover Doritos spilled in the sand -- those are sounds that you just never forget. Once they get into your blood, they are there forever.

Holly certainly knows how to sucker punch me into moving to Oregon.

The last time my girls saw the ocean, they were only babies. Gracie had just turned two and Annelie was only 6 months, when we flew to California and spent our vacation in Santa Cruz and Carmel. The Pacific Ocean might be absolutely, bloody freezing... but in my biased opinion, it is the most beautiful ocean in the world.

Its a beautiful, sunny day today, and though I should be spending it in the sand, listening to the waves crashing, I have to make-do with taking the girls to the swimming pool. They'll have a good time.

But somehow, being splashed by cannon-balling college kids, who blast their boom boxes with hardcore rap music, and swear too much, doesn't sound nearly as good to me as spending the day on a beach towel in the sand.


Here is a little ocean tribute, featuring some of my favorite Etsy items.

Divinity Necklace

Ocean Blue Flower #1
by Karen Faulkner

A Mermaid Out of Water
by Kathy Jeffords

Ocean-lovers out there, enjoy! And if you are headed to the sea on this fine weekend day, have a blast and know that I'm hideously jealous of you.



Momma J said...

I'm originally from near the coast in California too. Oh how I miss it!

AlyGatr said...

Add in a sigh for me. I grew up surrounded by water in Hawaii and then had the pleasure of living in Boston where we had Massachusetts Bay. Of course the water there was pretty cold most of the year, but at least I could see ocean. Here in Houston, we aren't far from the shore, but seriously, who wants to swim in Galveston Bay??? ICK. We'd have to drive about 8 hours to hit South Padre...UGH! I miss the ocean like crazy all the time.

KJ said...

I only live an hour and a half from the beach, but don't get there nearly often enough. I'd love to live in a place where you could see the ocean every single day.

Back before I was doing art for a living and actually had money for such luxurious things as vacations, my mom and I went to the beach for the week of Thanksgiving, just the two of us, and got an oceanfront condo. I took all of my art supplies along. It was the best feeling, sitting on the balcony and painting. I'd love to be able to do it again!


P.S. Thanks for including my l'il mermaid!

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

I must have lived near an ocean in another life because I totally identify with your feelings about being near the water. Looks like you had a fabulous visit!

Anji Gallanos said...

Seaside is such a great little town. I love sitting on the beach there. The ocean is just an amazing amazing living thing. Love your pics and it looks like so much fun. We traipsed around low tide here in Juneau last week.

Winklepots said...

Then I won't tell you that we just got back from spending the afternoon in Cannon Beach where it was gorgeous and 72 degrees. Gotta run and rinse the sand from my hair. :oP

Leah said...

I can't imagine being so far from the ocean, so sorry you're missing it. Maybe you need to come visit me too ;)

Little Dickens Designs said...

I too am landlocked and miss the ocean. Great post and yes I do think you were meant to be a mermaid!

Oh Mandie! said...

oh man you're making me ocean sick now too! I grew up in Va Beach, literally across the street from the beach ... back when there were still houses along the ocean and not the tourist mecca that there is now.

PS:: thanks for including my necklace!!

Christopher And Tia said...

Christopher and I got married in Seaside. *heavy sigh*. I miss the beach too.

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