Thursday, May 7, 2009

'On Sale This Month' and a Paperie Update!

Warning: This blog post contains a large assortment of VERY CUTE PHOTOS featuring even cuter items. Yes, it is possible, believe it or not. Marisa Hopkins of Elegant Snobbery, Elegant Bloggery, and Elegant Paperie, is not responsible for injury that may be a result of any of the following: readers smashing their faces against their computer screen to get a closer look, the severe ligament damage to the fingers and forearms as a result of compulsive clicking between Marisa's shops and blog, or damage to the throat, lungs, ear drums, or muscle pulling as a result of reader jumping up and down and screaming in excitement, after viewing said photos.

I've been working my tail off these last few weeks, coming up with new items for a Paperie update and let me just tell you, I'm going to have the hardest time parting with anything. What can I say, I'm a paper junkie.

But I've been playing with new papers, stickers, embellishments, fabrics and ribbons and I really think all of you Elegant Paperie lovers will be happy indeed!!

First things first, I have a new section in the shop called 'On Sale This Month' with major price markdowns. Hurray! I figured that since the economy isn't the greatest, I might as well treat those compulsive paperie junkies by having plenty of items in my shop at a reduced price. Enjoy!

Also, I've been reworking some of my notecard designs and I LOVE them! I hope you all will, too!

And my favorite part of the update will be the $6 samplers I've put together. For those who can't ever decide between note cards or gift tags, I've put together 3 sample packs with an assortment of goodies for you to enjoy. The price is insanely low for the large assorment of goodies that come with it, but I thought 'Six Dollar Sampler' had a nice ring to it.

I can hardly handle the cuteness.

And more exciting news for compulsive shoppers who are struggling in this crap economy (yes, I am one of those compulsive shoppers struggling in this crap economy, in case you were wondering) I have added an 'On Sale This Month' section to Elegant Snobbery, as well.

I tried to choose a good assortment of favorite prints in various sizes, and then I slashed the prices by quite a lot!

So come on over to Elegant Snobbery and Elegant Paperie and see whats new/on sale!



AlyGatr said...

GIRL! You are just trying to get me in trouble aren't you?? Can't stay long...I'm off to look. Hope you are happy with yourself!

Marie said...

oh man, you're gonna make it hard to resist...i've been so good at not buying lately too...i will have to check it out!

esque said...

I'm dying of cuteness! Liking what I see!

Barbara Olivo Cagle said...

Hi Marisa, I just revisited your blog and was hoping you would please visit my blog too, and maybe share it with your friends. Also, leave a comment on my Mother's Day Give-Away Post to have a chance to win my book. Time is running out.


Barbara owoh

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Loon Lake, WA 99148
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Whimsical Creations said...

I am still LMBO over the beginning of the post.

Karen Faulkner said...

Here's my testimonial...I purchased some gift tags and the hedgie notecards and they are ADORABLE! You're a very talented illustrator and people will not be disappointed with Elegant Paperie!

Momma J said...

You were right - tons of cuteness!!

kelly klem said...

FAMtastic ideas that work up great!

The Momma said...

Uhhhh, I think I just broke my nose! Got too close to the computer! I think you can find Elegant Snobbery in almost every single room of my house!

Leah said...

compulsive shopper in a crap economy....sounds about right, LOL!

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