Friday, June 26, 2009

Custom Coloring Page Tutorial

Clearly I've had coloring pages on the brain, as I've been busting my behind getting my Elegant Snobbery pages made. I put together a tutorial for making custom coloring pages with your family photos over at The Mama Dramalogues so come on by and see.

It's fun, easy, quick, and a huge hit with my kids!
click {HERE}



Christopher And Tia said...

Aw thats a cute idea. Too bad my Elie thinks that coloring means taking a crayon and making the page look like it was torn up with a dog that had coloring crayons for teeth.

OOh you renewed you lease woo! We do need to get together. Its so hot lately, we only go outside in the mornings. Don't know how interested in waking up early on a weekend, but we like to have what we call "breakfast picnics", down at Redbud park. We eat yummy brownies or something at like 8am, and then play before the sun has a chance to pounce on us. I wish you could come on base and play with us here at our house. Its big. And I've got a kiddy pool for the girls to play in. Maybe on a weekend you and hubbs would like to?

Also, if you need another mama for your mama blog, I'm so in.

threemoonbabies said...

OOOOOh...going to check it out right now!

Raven said...

Great idea...I'm gonna go check it out too!


Whimsical Creations said...

Those rock!! Never thought to do that with photoscape. Definitely going to do it. =D

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