Friday, July 31, 2009

Crime and Punishment

After Hair-Cutting Disaster 2009 - that's what I've decided to call the event of Gracie snipping off her bangs, two weeks ago - Gracie hasn't been allowed to use scissors at all. She snipped her hair off with kiddie scissors, in case you were wondering how I could be bonkers enough to let my 4 year old use scissors. I thought I was being a smart mom by passing her an unused phone book and some scissors so she could perfect her fine motor skills.

But noooooo.... instead she hacked off her hair and I had to take the scissors away. And hide them. I just don't trust her anymore. Not to mention, I wanted her to learn her lesson in a way other than just having all the kids at the playground tease her because her hair looks ridiculous (that hasn't actually happened yet).

Needless to say, I really didn't expect to walk into my bedroom to go to sleep the other night, and find that Gracie had dug the kiddie scissors from their hiding spot and hacked up my bedsheets.


I'm not sure why she did all that. She said she cut the sheet because she wanted to see what was underneath it. That answer doesn't fly with me. As for her eyelashes... there is just no explanation for that, logical or otherwise.

I google-searched "How long will it take for cut eyelashes to grow back?" and found all sorts of eyelash Q & A (my favorite being - "I burnt my stupid eyelashes off trying to smoke out of a bong... how long until they grow back and is there anyway to make that process happen faster?" - is it wrong of me to laugh uproariously at that question?).

The unanimous answer: A long freakin' time.

As for punishment... it's really hard punishing a four year old. It really is. Time-out doesn't mean a heck of a lot to Gracie. Obviously, taking the scissors and hiding them doesn't mean a heck of a lot to her, either. And I've learned that taking her toys away also doesn't matter... "That means I can get more toys because my toy box is empty. I want that cupcake-maker from Target," she cheerfully informed me.

And it made me very, very nervous when she just took a look at my clean, folded sheets sitting in the closet and said, "Well, you have more sheets. You can just throw that one away and put one of those on the bed." That does not justify things, little girl!

So how did I punish Gracie? Will took Annelie to the zoo and Gracie stayed home with me.

Did it work? Oh, YOU BETCHA. Gracie was completely devastated that she had to miss out on on a trip to the zoo. And of course, Will and I layed the whole, "Well, you would have been invited to the zoo if you hadn't cut the sheets" on pretty thick.

Annelie was pleased as punch. She got to feed the giraffes rye crackers and the ladies behind the snack bar gave her free ice-pops... and Gracie cried for about 2 hours.

Whatever. If she ever touches scissors again, I'm sending her to a convent in Spain.



The Momma said...

OMG!!! She cut her eyelashes??? All I can think about is what's gonna happen when she's a teenager???

Leslie Gidden said...

Can I send mine with yours to Spain? Then we could visit them each year at the same time! I think once a year is enough right? Har har! Keep your chin up mama....I sure as heck am trying too!


Waterstone by Lori Plyler said...

Whoa, that's some ambitious 4 year old! You're on the right track. I found with my kids that you have to get 'em where it hurts. Think through exactly what they'll hate to lose, such as a trip to the zoo, drivers licenses, cell phones, etc. (the cell phones work great, for future ref.)

As for the playground, the other kids probably just thought she had a really hot new haircut. :)

Natalie said...

Wow. Gracie has a lot of the same attitude and tendencies as Sophie. (Leaving her home from the zoo was brilliant, by the way, and would work with Sophie, too.) Sophie's eyelashes are longer than mine... if she cut them, I swear I would cry.

nikid said...

Did you take pictures of the bangs and eyebrows to remind her when she is a teenager?

GOOD LUCK - you need it! :O)

I decided to send my boys to military school!

Nikki said...


Vintage Inspired Jewelry said...

I read your post where she had cut her hair and saw the pictures of how upset she got over doing that and I thought to myself that Is one little girl that will never touch the scissors again....boy did she have me fooled. Have a great week end..Kathi

AlyGatr said..., I'm speechless! Eyelashes??? I guess you need a gun locker....for your scissors!!

Janna said...

Oh my goodness!! She needs some sunglasses. Eyelashes shade your eyes when you are in the sun.

You are a good mom. It's hard to punish your kids, but if you don't teach the important lessons now, they move on to bigger crimes later. That had to be hard for you to make her stay home from the zoo, but it sounds like she may have learned her lesson.

I hope you got some good pics for her scrapbook.

Kelly said...

oh my...cutting her eyelashes. wow, that's the first of heard of that little crime! sarah hasn't cut my sheets, but she has cut up my couch...that would be the couch we had before she the new couch she's added her sharpie decorations too. ahh..the joys of parenthood. ;-) i currently have seven 6-year-olds on my living room floor. what the hell was i thinking?

jean said...

Sounds like a job for Super Nanny.

YarnCoture said...

Wow Gracie sounds like a hand full!

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