Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2008 - Cuter Than I Remembered

I didn't do a Halloween post, with pictures of the girls in their costumes, last year. I remember being so annoyed with the fact that I couldn't get even one good picture of the two of them. All I wanted was one picture. One teeny, tiny, measly little adorable picture of two smiling happy children in their costumes. One. Is that too much to ask for?


But about an hour ago, when I was glaring at the photos I took this year - blurry photos because they were wiggling, funky photos because they were smiling weird, photos with eyes closed, photos with tongues sticking out... - it made me want to go back and see just how awful last year's photos were.

And you know what? Last years pictures were pretty darned cute.

"Heeeeey. Your tutu is foofier than mine."

Gracie: As sassy as always.

"Smile, Annelie. Smile. Laugh. Come on. Smile. Say cheese."

Annelie always looked so serious as a baby. Now she'll smile on command, but it is a very forced smile.

"Mmmmm... candy."

"Gimme yours."


They might have annoyed me last year, but they sum up my kids perfectly. I wonder how I'll view this year's photos when I look back at them next year. Right now, this is pretty much the only one I sort of like:
I just can't get them to smile at the camera together... Oh well, there's always next year!



Oh Mandie! said...

My kids NEVER smile together when I try to take a pic of both of them, and if by chance they are smiling one of them is usually looking in the complete opposite direction.

You're not alone!

Cathy said...

Your little mermaids look adorable...but I know what you mean! I took lots of photos and couldn't get my boys to keep still, look at the camera and follow directions!! Being a photographer is hard work ;)

Whimsical Creations said...

I could not get both of mine to look at the camera together either.

They look adorable!

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