Thursday, November 26, 2009

Blanket Suckers

Let me just tell ya... I love my kittens. They are the cuddliest, most affectionate little bundles of cat in the whole wide world, and best of all... they suck on blankets. Isn't that the cutest thing EVER?

Okay, maybe not.... maybe it is a little weird, and I'm sure allergic-to-cats folk aren't too happy that our blankets are covered in cat spit, but I love it anyway. Something about the kittens being so darned happy to be living with us that they express themselves by purring, kneading and blanket-sucking warms my heart.

Life with kittens is better than I hoped. As it turns out, Will isn't allergic to cats AT ALL. And he loves them. He's convinced that he just loves them because they are little and cute, but come on... what he loves is their adoring, loving, blanket-sucking selves, and that wont change even when they are 2 lbs heavier.

I've got to admit, Will was a little put out that I'd start a category on my blog dedicated to Sophie and Somer, yet I leave the family dog completely off my blog (not completely true... I did blog about him once - but as it was mostly to express my annoyance at getting a dog, Will didn't think it really counts). But I really can't help it... me and the dog haven't bonded at all - not even a little bit.

I'm sure its sad... but he doesn't care and I'm just really happy to have kittens.

So here you go. The family dog, Willie. He is a dog person's dream dog, seriously. And if you are wondering why our dog is named after my husband, well, he came with the name. I think it is funny to call him Jr. Will doesn't think its as funny as me, though.

Okay, back to the kittens... Awww.... how cute is Somer, seriously?



Kelly said...

Okay, and I'm a dog person....and a cat person. :-) I think Willie looks like an awesome dog. AND, there's no animal lovin' better than a furry little kitten makin' biscuits and purring while laying on your chest. Happy Turkey Day to you and yours!

Whimsical Creations said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Your fur babies are adorable!!

Oh Mandie! said...

awwww I just want to curl up and cuddle with those kitties!


Aww, man those kitties are too cute and look at that mug on that doggie! lol... I just want to talk baby talk to them!! heehee...aren't you the cutest?

Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!!

Anna said...

My cat loves tulle and other very synthetic fabrics. Eeew.

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