Monday, January 11, 2010

Paper Dolls and Sellotape

Don't you just love it when inspiration suddenly slaps you in the face?

Yesterday, I was trying to think of something fun to make for Gracie when it hit me... Gracie LOVES my snobs, so I thought perfect... I'll make her some snobby paper dolls. But not just any snobby paper dolls... jointed paper dolls.

So I pulled out my sketch book and VOILA!

Okay, yeah, I still have a long way to go... but this is going to be Charlotte (Gracie named her) , who is very snobby and very elegant, and will carry a parasol and a couple of other fancy things (which I have yet to draw). She measures just over a foot tall and will be very colorful (pink and red, compliments of Elaine and Beth - Yay, Twitter friends and their ideas!).

She'll have a couple of doll mates - Gracie requested a mermaid in particular. And then I'm considering making the characters from Alice in Wonderland... which reminds me... I really need to finish my Alice series that I've blogged about here and here and here.

Gracie is pretty darned excited to get Charlotte when I'm finished with her. She was even inspired to make some paper dolls of her own:

By the way, those are paper doll people of Gracie and Harry Potter (who Gracie fancies herself in love with) . Notice the heart above the handsome Harry's head... and a garden (of love) for them to walk in.

And then Annelie made some amoeba-people paper dolls.

Are they not the cutest things you have ever in your life seen?

Before I go, let me just share... this song has become the anthem of my paper doll designing, compliments of my husband who has been singing it in my ear since I first mentioned paper dolls last night:

Lets break it down together, folks:

People people
People people
Pencil pencil
Pencil pencil
Paper paper
Put the pencil to the paper
Give the paper to the people
Let the people read about the sellotape
Oh baby baby



geschichtenvonkat said...

very cool paper dolls, your drawings are lovely. I always had paper dolls when i was little..takes me back!

fookaDESIGNS said...

Oh how fun! I just loved paper dolls when I was a little girl. This will be a special gift.

AlyGatr said...

What a fun inspiration! We play a lot with paper puppets on Popsicle sticks. I bet she'd love those :)

Oh Mandie! said...

OMG Marisa!!! You are seriously the first person that I've ever known who even knows who Flight of the Concords is, outside of my sany husband and his love for strange comedy!

Thank makes me love even more!

Petals said...

Your paper doll looks beautiful. I love your daughters obesession with Harry Potter so adorable

Melissa said...

My husband and I just watched that episode of Flight of the Conchords. They're crazy funny!

Please tell me you'll be adding paper dolls to your etsy shop . . .

Whimsical Creations said...

She is fabulous!! Pink & Red together are my daughter's room is pink and red. ;)

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