Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Blogging, and Birthdays, and Blogging about Birthdays

Annelie in Black and White - by Tia

I was going to blog today... but I really wasn't feelin' it. What to blog about, what to blog about? I wondered for most of the morning. No inspiration... my brain is still recovering from 3 year old birthday parties - too tired to be inspired.

Oh, I could blog about Annelie's birthday, I thought. Then I took a look at my pictures and they all turned out pretty darned terrible. Bummer.

But then, as I sipped my coffee and grabbed a minute to read my most favorite blogs this morning, I came across Tia's post from today and LOW AND BEHOLD, she blogged about Annelie's 3rd birthday party... and her photos are FANTASTIC (Tia is an excellent photographer)!

So, everyone RUSH over to Tia's blog and marvel at how lovely her photos made Annelie's birthday look! You can find it {HERE}

P.S. Yes, those cupcakes tasted as good as they look!



AlyGatr said...

Tia baled you out in bloggyland, huh??? I read her post this morning...and for the record, I'm fully jealous of the good times had by all :)

Oh and completely unrelated, but I showed Amelia the YouTube videos of the girls. First she started talking to them (we use Skype to talk to my mom and sister using our webcam and I think she thought they were on webcam too)...then she fixated on Annelie's video where she got her head stuck in the kitty house. She just sat there and made me play it over...and over...and over...then said "Mommy, those are my friends!"

Anonymous said...

Those are great pix and yummy looking cuppies!

Whimsical Creations said...

She took some beautiful shots! Looks like a wonderful time!

Melissa said...

So much fun! My kids would be in heaven with the scrapbook supplies, and those cupcakes . . . YUM!

(we have those same little plates!)

Cathy said...

the party looked great! you're a brave mum for putting out paint, scrapbook supplies AND cupcake decorating ingredients! Having to look at those cupcakes, whilst on a much needed diet, was pure murder! I want one now!

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