Monday, April 5, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

I was going to blog about something sweet today.

With sweet pictures.

But I'm in a funk.

So instead, I'm going to post a list:

The Top Ten Things That Annoy Marisa
(Specifically, Before Noon On April 5th 2010
  1. Waking up to two whiny, demanding kids, whining in my ear, for anything and everything under the sun.
  2. Emptying the litter box. Yes it needs to be done, but it still annoys me. Plus, I'm allergic to litter deodorizer.
  3. When I tell Annelie to stop helping herself to the food in the fridge, but every time I turn my head, there she is, rooting through the cheese drawer.
  4. Finding that all the clean clothes have been removed from the dryer and are now sitting on top of the dirty laundry pile. Thanks, honey. What a lovely treat.
  5. My rotten stinkin' allergies.
  6. The fact that Spring lasted for only one week, and the summer humidity has officially begun.
  7. Having to tell the kids 300 times, before 10 am, that they better get the cat out of the cardboard box and stop shutting her - er... HIM - inside it.
  8. Discovering that Annelie has pulled all the curtains down from my bedroom windows in a fit of destructiveness.
  9. Needing to say, on repeat, for a good two hours, "Put the cat down. Annelie, put the cat down. I said, put the cat down. Stop picking up the cat. I SAID put the cat down. If you pick up the cat one more time, you will be on time out for the rest of your life."
  10. Finishing my 4th cup of coffee, having an extreme case of the shakes as a result, and STILL being tired.

I could probably list about 20 more... but this was the top ten. So now I am done.

Also, I heart this song, and have been listening to it on repeat to get out of my funky mood. My sources say the afternoon will be less funky.

And if its not... well I may just have to raid the kid's Easter baskets for a chocolate fix.

Actually, I might just do that anyway.

Have a lovely day!



Kearsie said...

Poor Marisa. If we were neighbors, after you finished spying in my windows, and telling me where I set the *@%$# remote, I would play you the dulcet tones of The Sundays or that one random song Come on Eileen that I have nary a clue what he's saying but makes me happy and skippy. Also, I'd feed your kid cheese and we'd sip on frosty beverages.

Dena Daw said...

I'm in a major funk. Majorly in a major funk. Of the most major kind.

I'm not sure what that hallelujah was for, it just seemed to go with the amen.

AlyGatr said...

I have one of those lists, only a lot shorter :)

1) Being exhausted after lying curled up in a ball on the living room couch until 3 am (while trying to watch Celebrity Fit Club On Demand) from extreme stomach cramps after eating bad shrimp etouffee for lunch and hurling every 30 minutes

2) Ditto of your number 5

I might feel a little better about it if I could have at least weighed a little less this morning after the barf-o-rama...but no such luck. Yeah, it's a great day alright.

Ji said...

this photo is sweet.
Happy Monday!

Ji said...

Happy Belated Easter!

Tina Laurel Lee said...

That song works for me. I think because of all of the eighties feel to it. The video clothes, the hair, the sound. That sort of seriousness combined with mumbling and jumping up and down that I grew up on. And the stripes of course. Thanks.

SewSweetStitches said...

Oh wow. Sounds like my house, x2! Perhaps a smidge of amaretto in that coffee would help? *giggle*

Winklepots said...

But hey, at least you don't have to make a trip to the post office. :o)

Marjorie said...

I can totally relate! I feel for you! Sorry!

w said...

first. i'm here. so now you may breathe.

second. i couldn't watch the video. the eyes in the beginning scared me.

third. my word verification is "undimp". yeah. exactly.

ElegantSnobbery said...

I heart you guys. All of you. Very, very much.

Much More Than Mommy said...

I think we could bond with our destructive-ish fridge-door-opening girls. My younger one is very much like that! Hope Tuesday is better for you!

Christopher And Tia said...

Omg, its only Monday?

I've been so busy I thought it was Wednesday. Crap.

cabin + cub said...

Well, you must be glad it is Tuesday today! ;)
That list is too funny... you will have to get that retor Garfield t-shirt that says "I hate Mondays" heehee

Kelly said...

I swear we had the same Monday.

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