Friday, July 30, 2010

Love and Brownies

Mom makes brownies. Kids help. Each kid eats one brownie for dessert, declares it the most delicious thing she has ever eaten in her entire life, and then goes to bed. Dad comes home from work. Sees plate of brownies. Eats ALL of them.

There's a little story that happens all too often in our house.

But last night, five-year-old Gracie decided enough was enough. So, just before brushing her teeth and hopping into bed, she wrote a letter.

Dear Dad, it read.

Please do not eat all the brownies.

Love Gracie and Annelie

She made sure it was covered in hearts, so he still knows she loves him.
The fact that there wasn't a letter stopping ME from eating all the brownies did not go unnoticed.

Nom nom nom.

Happy Friday, folks!



AlyGatr said...

Wow, the whole plate of them! Put...the brownie down Will :) Gracie's such a smart one. Leave explicit instructions. Next time, she may need to build a trap...hee hee hee

SewSweetStitches said...

Aww so cute!

Oh Mandie said...

Mmmmm now I need to make a big pan of brownies, only with peanut butter all over the top :)

.... and now I'm drooling

A. Grey said...

OMG. Brownies. Yum. O. I can't ever even get them plated. In fact, my BFF and I used to make TWO batches of brownies... eating the batter of one while cooking the other... then we'd make pasta, drink red wine... and eat all the finished brownies too... that's slowed down a tad as we approach thirty... pesky brownie-pounds are sticky little suckers... but occasionally we give in...

Christopher And Tia said...

In our house, I think that letter would need to be written to me, haha. I'm the fatty that can't keep her hands out of the brownie pan.

Jennifer said...

omgosh, the cuteness of it all, lol!

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