Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sparklers, Slumber Parties, and Flaming Poop

My awesome friend and fellow blogger, April, tossed her kids in the car and drove hours and hours and hours to hang out with me this past weekend. A fun time was had by all. April and I crafted, watched Eclipse, and made an insane amount of cake truffles. The kids played, played some more, and then ate said cake truffles.

There is a possibility that on Sunday, while I was at the grocery store, the check-out guy said, "Having a great 4th of July?" and I might have given him a blank stare and asked, "That's today?"

Holiday or not, I lose track of the days waaaay too often. But I pulled out our bag of fireworks and we all cheerfully celebrated the birth of America, including our resident Brit, who prefers to call it Good Riddance Day.

I forgot to sing all the patriotic songs I know, and march around the living room like I did last year... but that is probably a good thing.

Hurry for sparklers, snaps and flaming dog poop.

(Some people call them snakes... but I like to call it as I see it)

See? Flaming dog poop.

The kids were clearly impressed.

The girls all had the Best. Time. EVER this weekend.

And the reason... SLEEPOVER PARTY!

Now we're all catching up on our sleep.

And eating the remaining cake truffles. Yum.



Christopher And Tia said...

The picture of the girls watching the poop burn is the best, haha.

SewSweetStitches said...

LOL that DOES look like flaming poop! And I love that you said poop. Poop poop poopy poop.
My family and I don't celebrate holidays, so I've never actually witnessed this flaming poop spectacle in person. Thanks for sharing the photos, thoroughly entertaining!

AlyGatr said...

Seriously....I need to pack up and visit this year!!! If only to be able to see some flaming poo of my own :) Amelia keeps asking when she can go play with Gracie.

Glad you and April and the girls had so much fun!

Jonathon Arntson said...

So cute! I wish my kids were growing up with yours. It would be one cute lovefest.

Bombdigity said...

I love the pic of Gracie with her arm around Annelie ... the looks on their faces =o) priceless

The Momma said...

YAY!!! You just can't beat flaming poop! We had so much fun! Can't wait for the next get together!!

maureencracknell said...

Adorable! It looks like you had a wonderful visit and 4th of July! :)

Kris said...

How fun! Glad you all had such a good time!

Oh Mandie! said...

Those girls are quite enamoured with the flaming pile of burning poop!

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