Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Flashback: Looking Back... '89

I blogged about my childhood friend, Molly, the Loopy to my Latoosha, when I flashed back a few months ago. Recently, I found the above picture of the two of us, which I drew when when we were ten, and I couldn't help but laugh and post it here!

Today's flashback isn't my own, but one that Molly wrote and shared on her new blog - Organicopia - A Total Organic Experience.

She gave me permission to share it, so here it is:

Looking Back... '89

by Molly Holbrook

I remember hanging out in the gazebo. Foothill elementary. We thought we may be able to dig to Marisa’s grandma’s house, in Monte Sereno. It was a long way, digging in the sand. Kenny Merthe thought we may be able to fly there. So we jumped. Not very far though. Maybe like, 3 or 4 feet…. it felt like we were really going the distance.

That was with my best friend, Marisa. We were crazy. We had wild imaginations. We were going places. We were digging our way to freedom. We dug to China, to her grandma’s house, to Michelle Brown’s, to kingdom come. We never stopped, we never stopped dreaming, we never stopped trying, we never stopped believing.

I remember exactly what Marisa used to bring for lunch. Bologna and cheese sandwiches on white bread. I remember exactly what she used to do to those bologna sandwiches…. wad that bread up in a ball, until it was like dough again.

Why in the heck would I remember something like that?

I remember what I got for lunch. A soggy pb&j in an over-sized produce bag stuck at the bottom of a used up Safeway bag with a rotten apple and a warm Yoo-Hoo box. Remember those? Well, my Yoo-Hoo was probably older than your Yoo-Hoo. I never wanted to eat my lunch. I was always salivating over someone elses. The Doritos, the fruit snacks, the cool lunch boxes that didn’t ruin your meal or taste like dish soap when you took a sip out of your thermos.

I remember putting a different name on my lunch bag. Bridgette or Mindy or Rebecca. Any name but mine. I remember my mom getting so upset, if we didn’t finish our WHOLE bowl of cereal, or opening up a new jar of peanut butter before the old one was finished.

Remember that Marisa?

Crazy times, in the Holbrook household. Waste not want not, was the motto in our household. If you take it, eat it. Crazy times that lead me to where I am today. Give it away.

The motto I seem to live by.

Giving food away. Making enough to pass around. Buying enough to share. It’s good, I suppose.

Sharing is caring.

But not at the expense of my own well being…..

That’s where I’m at today.


Yes, Molly, I do remember that!!

Twenty-one years later, Molly is an organic chef - an amazing one! Before moving to Texas, I had the pleasure of tasting her gourmet cuisine when I helped her cater parties where she worked as a personal chef. Very different than the Truth or Dare fare of our youth, when she'd whip up a bowl of mustard/peanut butter/pickle juice/ketchup/pistachio pudding and dare me to eat it all.

Be sure to check Molly out on Tumblr -

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Have a flashback of your own? Head on over to Tia's blog and join in!



AnnieMay said...

you're so sweet marisa! I love you!

Kelly said...

What a fun look into your childhood, Marisa!
You were artistic even at 10! (I was in high school in 1989 btw!)

AlyGatr said...

So I'm guessing the brown haired one was you :) I love that you guys were trying to hard to dig places. I tried that once...I got the hole pretty deep, I was wearing white Winnie the Pooh jeans (hand me downs) and walked home covered in red dirt. I'm sure my mom loved me for that. Funny thing, I have no idea where I thought I was digging to. Wait a minute, I think maybe it was some pirate treasure someone had convinced me was buried there.

Yeeeahhh, I was graduating high school in 1989. Thanks for making me feel old ;P

Pretty Things said...

Oh that's so cute!

Christopher And Tia said...

Omg, I scanned through the post, to see the picture first, and then I shouted "PIE!", and Eleanore comes running over, and now she thinks we're making pie.


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