Monday, October 25, 2010

Babee Cakes Bakery and a Logo Design

My fantabulous friend April - a fellow cupcake-lover, tattoo-lover, and music-lover - is working hard toward opening a cupcakery in San Antonio, TX, and I had the pleasure of whipping up her logo (much easier than baking cupcakes, as I'm the World's Worst Baker).

Naturally April needed a pink and turquoise tattoo-style cupcake, to go with the GORGEOUS cupcakes she makes:

(banana, walnut cake soaked in rum syrup,
topped with brown sugar buttercream
and homemade caramel sauce)

I received a package of April's cupcakes in the mail recently.

Oh yes I did.


Check out the Babee Cakes blog:

And thumbs up her Facebook page!

And because this post is about April, it naturally needs to have some Roisin Murphy to listen to, since April, like me, is a huge Roisin Murphy fan. And here is the song that has been looping in my head on repeat for days:

Happy Monday, folks!



April said...

Awww,thanks! I love my logo and wouldn't have dreamed anybody else designing it for me!!! I'm so happy to call you friend!

P.S. - Thanks for the plug!

AlyGatr said...

As someone who has been lucky enough to taste test some of April's creations, I can whole heartedly endorse Babee Cakes :) Of course, it doesn't hurt that I just love April to death too! I love the logo you came up with. A great meeting of great minds.

Frannie said...

Love the logo. Very nice. The cupcakes look delish.

esque said...

Wow, yummy to both the logo and the actual cupcakes!

angelina la dawn said...

what an adorable logo! and i think i really need some cupcakes now.

Much More Than Mommy said...

That logo is really awesome and those cupcakes look UNBELIEVABLY good!!!!

Harry Hilders said...

Very nice logo and the cases looks so delicious. I even got hungry :)

Jennifer Hillier said...

Oh man, those cupcakes look good! No, not good, GREAT. Drool.

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