Monday, October 4, 2010

People Who Make Yummy Food In Crock Pots... HELP!

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A year ago, I got the idea in my head that I would absolutely DIE if I did not buy a crock pot. I mean, come on. Throw a bunch of ingredients in a pot, plug it in, and VOILA! Hours later - with no help from me - dinner is done! I had to be a part of that!

So I said to my husband, "We have to go to the store immediately and buy a crock pot, because I will absolutely DIE if I don't get one."

My husband didn't think that I would die. "You won't use it," he said, to which I replied, "Of course I'll use it! Every single day! Every single night! Just imagine the ease! All I have to do is throw a bunch of stuff in the pot, plug it in and VOILA! Dinner!"

"But you won't use it," Will said again. "Just like you don't use pretty much every other kitchen thing you said you'd die unless you had."

Hmmm... he sorta had a point.

"But I mean it this time!" I promised enthusiastically. "Of course I'll use it! How can I NOT use it?!"

So I bought one. And I did use it.


Almost a year ago.

And both recipes were... blech. They were healthy vegetarian stews (my hubs is the veggie in our house) that used up lots of herbs and spices and still had no flavor whatsoever.


I have a crock pot.

And no idea what to do with it. This is where I hope you'll come in, people who make yummy food in crock pots.

HELP ME! Is there a recipe you make in your slow cooker that you love and adore and your whole family gobbles up? I beg you, please share!

I'm not a vegetarian and neither are the girls, so ANY kind of recipe will do! Do you have a link to one you found online? Post it for me in my comments, please! Do you have a recipe that you love and adore and don't mind typing up and sharing with me? Email me, please! (

And of course, thank you!

Happy Monday, folks! This is going to be a good week, don't you think? I do.



Meeling said...

Love your blog! The crockpot is one of my fave things...I have boys who play soccer and its a lifesaveer on practice nights! Here's a website with the best recipes I've found online
Her blog is great. Once you start using it, you won't even need recipes after a while, you just start throwing things in it. Have fun!

K. Voss said...

Oh boy have you come to the right place! I am going to message you on FB, there's so much Crock Pot wisdom I have to pass onto you! :) I never thought I could be a great cook, but it just so happens that I sort of am now all b/c of my slow cooker, which I've been using practically every night lately.

Leah said...

I've never used mine...I don't know why...I guess I'm intimidated? I want to use it...I just don't. So if you get some good ideas I'd love to hear which ones work out well. :)

Jennifer said...

Sending you some crock-pot-lovin' via email Marisa xoxox

Natalie @ Perrys' Plate said...

The best things that come out of a crock pot (in my opinion) are shredded meats. (Much to the dismay of your husband, I'm sure.) This is one of our favorite recipes ever:

I only have 4 slow cooker recipes on my blog, but you can see them all if you click here:

I was going to suggest, too. I've tried a few of her things and thought they turned out pretty well.

Lala's Pequenos said...

I have one too and the only use it's gotten is by the boys. And they only use it to "boil" their action figures in it.

beka said...

Hmmmm. That whole selling point of barely doing anything but still having --voila!-- sounds good to me.
I THINK we have a crock-pot somewhere....I've never used it before.
Heh heh.
Maybe I'll get one someday. ;)

Heather said...

How about a cheesy chicken recipe? You can pair it with rice or noodles and broccoli and voila...dinner! I've used my crock 3 times in the last six months, but it took me 7 years to get it out of the box so don't feel so bad. Let me know if you want it and I'll be glad to supply :)

Tina Laurel Lee said...

I think we tend to do meat in the slow cooker. Which is always delicious. But I bet we could find some good bean recipes. Because slow cooking would work well with them. And the secret is not to scrimp on fat. Things slow cook beautifully with fat and water. All kinds of veggies and stuff. We can talk cooking in TPR if you want.

And Meeling! I am going to check out that site.

Jonathon Arntson said...

By calling the hubs a veggie does that mean he's a vegetarian or her just really likes veggies. If it's the latter I have tons of recipes for you. If it's the former, I am boycotting helping you. :P

Marisa Hopkins said...

YAY! Thank you everyone who commented with links, or emailed/facebooked me links!! I really appreciate it, and now I can't wait to make some tasty food!

TBG said...

My mother makes amazing stwes in a crockpot. What's good about crock pots is that you can get the really cheap cuts of meat and they still taste good. (Of course, this doesn't work if you want something vegetarian). Basically throw in a large chunk of meat (it will shrink, so get more than you think you'll need)Then throw in coarsely chopped carrots, onions, potatos, celery or anything. Then add what ever you think will go well with those spice wise. Salt, of course, but also rosemary or thyme or anything.

Kelly said...

I usually make meat dishes in the crock pot (will make a delish roast on Friday in the crock pot).
Here's a blog of a friend of mine that posts all kind of recipes for the crock pot including desserts!
Check out her archives:
Good luck!

MrsDragon said...

Marisa, meet a Year of Slowcooking:

365 + crock pot recipes, many kid friendly / gluten free / veggie /etc.

Original Cyn Studios said...

I totally love my crockpot & use it at least once a week & not just for pot roast :) I have a great site I'll send to you that gives you lots of ideas based on the items you have in your refrigerator.

Marisa Hopkins said...

YAY!!! Seriously, these links and ideas are all so awesome!! I'm excited!

Breezy dinner-making life, here I come! :D

Kelly Warren said...

totally clogs your arteries, but jamming good stuff...take one pound of ground sausage (Jimmy Dean works just fine), brown it and drain. Put sausage in crock pot with one 16 oz jar of salsa and one 2 lb block of velvetta, cubed. stir it all up, cook until cheese is melted and then stir it all up again. great for parties with ritz crackers or fritos scoops. addicting. don't say i didn't warn ya... :-) now off to check out that crockpot365 blog...

yobokitty said...

we do carnitas in the crock pot.
they are DELICIOUS.

also, granola!

the carnitas aren't very spicy, but if you want to, you could use salsa instead of the liquid they add to up the seasonings. it's delicious though.

Anonymous said...

Love my crockpot.. hate cleaning it :). My very favorite roast in all of the world: Cranberry Roast. It's easy-peasy and ol so yummy.. a little sweet/a little tang. Recipe is on my blog here:

No, it doesn't look good.. but I promise, it is!

Debbe said...

Yep, I am with many other commenters:

And for those who hate to clean their crock - my smaller one I ALWAYS spray with pam first - and the larger one, Reynold's crockpot liners, couldn't live without them!

Happy crocking!

Marisa Hopkins said...

So glad you're telling me about liners... yes I will definitely want some of those!!

Thanks so much everyone!! I'm actually excited to start cooking, and that is something I RARELY say!

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