Friday, December 10, 2010

Blogging vs. Board Games

I was going to blog today. It was probably going to be the best post ever. But then Annelie said, "I love you, Mom," which usually means she's done something naughty, but this time meant, "Come play board games with me!"

And how can I resist this face?

Or this one?

Or this one? Seriously, how?

I can't! So, instead of blogging, my graham cracker-faced 3-year-old is instructing me on playing The Lady Bug Game. Apparently I get to move my game piece 6 times in a row, and she automatically wins. Good game.

Happy Friday, folks!



Meeling said...

Lol! I had to go back read the "naughty post"...omg I'm laughing so hard...been there as a mom a few times!!

Glad today didn't involve any squished food products or shredded paper. ;-)

And come on...the lady bug game rocks!

Christopher And Tia said...


When did Annelie get so BIG?!

Shes grown a lot since I last saw you. Its been that long? How is it that we live like 15 minutes away from each other, and our girls love each other, and we never SEE each other?

Beka said...

I dunno. I'm not sure I'm going to blog today. I have a kitchen to clean, applesauce to make, and Narnia to go see later.....
Gosh, she's gotten big. And I love those funny faces:)

Elana Johnson said...

There's nothing better than board games with small kidlets. Not even blogging.

Oh Mandie said...

Good choice! You can always blog tomorrow :)

Amie Kaufman said...

Oh my goodness, I certainly couldn't say no to that face!

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