Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Flashback: Itsy Bitsy Baby Annelie

Annelie turns four this month, which is pretty much insane, as she's a brand new baby and there is just no way she could be four.


I don't have plans for more children, but BOY OH BOY do I love babies, and I miss my baby as a baby!

I miss my husband's cheeky wink as he watches James Bond movies with a diapered Annelie on his chest.

I miss watching Gracie try to figure out how to play with her baby doll-sized little sister like she does her baby dolls.

I miss the look like, "Dude, you are WAY sketchy," that Annelie gave me and every other person on the planet until she was about five months old.

I even miss explaining to people that "Yes, Annelie does like you. She does. She looks at everyone that way, really."

Because now she's all grow'd up, and she's got her wheels and is off into the big bad world.

THAT is a four year old...

WHERE is my newborn baby!?

It's Friday, folks, which means two things - Flashback Friday! - Join us at Tia's blog and share a flashback of your own!

Also, HURRAY it's almost the weekend! Have a good one!



TMCPhoto said...

you are right, there is no way that a new born baby can be four. If you can figure out how to stop the insanity let me know... but then again now that that four year old is a little more interactive it's not really such a bad thing... other than missing out on that new born baby smell.

Diane Duda said...

I miss babies too!!!
but i guess there are good things about four-year-olds too...and nineteen-year-olds. :)
happy birthday month, annelie!

Marie said...

Wow! It happened so fast with our 4 yo girls, didnt it? I miss the baby stage an adore chubby legged babies too! Happy birthday Annelie!

mshatch said...

aw, great pics!

Faith said...

I know!! Time flies SO fast. What sweet photos of your little one.

Christopher And Tia said...

Whoa. I don't think I've ever really seen any baby pictures of Annelie? The picture of Gracie holding her is so precious.

Really? Four already? Becaaause- it feels like just a few weeks ago that we were failing at finger painting and decorating cupcakes at your table?

Beka said...

awwwww how sad. four already.
ah well.
life goes on, doesn't it?
anyways, it seems to me like it does.

i love that picture of will and her as a baby! how darling!!

Lydia K said...

I can't believe my little one is nine already. It goes!

Kelly Warren said...

Wow, I know the feeling! They grow up soooooo fast! The picture of Gracie holding her "babies" is too cute. I finally joined in on Flashback Friday! Am I supposed to post a link on Tia's blog somewhere?

Meeling said...

So sweet!
I know...they grow so fast! A little sad, but always so fun looking back over time.

And she will always be your baby. ;-)

Amie Kaufman said...

Oh, she is adoooorable! I'd love to make an intelligent comment, but really, I'm too busy cooing at my screen. Awwww!

Cathy said...

aw, i love babies too (teeny, tiny, cute, can't scale things, can't say embarrassing many benefits lol). Love the old photos!

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