Monday, February 28, 2011

Finger-Painting For All

I'm a huge fan of anything that gets my fingers messy and involves colorful stuff, so naturally me and finger-paints are BFFs.

Annelie is a huge mess-lover as well, and especially loves squirting paint onto paper, so lately there has been much finger painting going on in the Hopkins house.

To keep things interesting, I love to put on music and have Annelie paint along - sometimes playing funky, jazzy songs and having her paint with the colors the music puts in her head (which is an activity I used to have my art students do when I taught 4th - 5th grade art enrichment programs back in my college days), but as that is difficult for my four-year-old sometimes, I like to play songs and have her paint images to go with the words.

Lukey's Boat is a song originating in Newfoundland (I like this one by Great Big Sea), with sea shanty roots and is perfect for preschoolers to paint along to. Or at least it's perfect for Annelie to paint along to, as she currently has a thing for sea shanties - probably stemming from my rollicking rendition of What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor, which I find myself singing when I'm doing housework (especially when I'm doing housework with a glass of wine in hand).

Listening to Lukey's Boat while painting leads to some very cute green boat painting.

And even I can't help but join in the green boat-painting fun.

How about you? Are you a finger-painting fool like us?

And all you moms with young kiddos - have you put on music to paint to while your kiddo's fingers get nice and ooey-gooey? If you haven't, give it a try! It's always good for getting those creative juices flowing, and keeping the awful, creativity crippling "but I don't know what to paint!" thoughts from creeping into their heads!



mshatch said...

I don't think I've used finger paints since I was in kindergarten, but it actually looks like fun - in spite of my aversion to sticky fingers. maybe I'll have to try it again. love the boat :)

AlyGatr said...

What fun. I wish I lived over at your house :) I'm not mess-o-phobic but I've never been a fan of setting the kids down with fingerpaints. I taught them at a young age to use brushes. I guess maybe I never liked digging paint out from under their nails, which in the long run I end up doing since at school they let them use their hands. I'm such a mean Mom!

Oh Mandie said...

You're such a cool mom! My kids only get to come near finger paints when its warm enough for them to be able to paint outside and be washed off with the hose before setting foot back inside the house.

Cathy said...

You're a fun mum! My boys would seriously adopt you as their new mum! should do more of this sort of stuff myself...must make more time for it! hmmmm....and not so sure i'll be so eager to try at the new least not until they have trashed it ;)

Pearl said...

Well who DOESN'T enjoy fingerpainting to a good sea shanty?!

For some reason, that really cracked me up. Nice post!


Melissa said...

We are BIG finger-painting fans here (bar the boy, who can't stand getting his hands messy). I never thought of putting on music to help creatively inspire, but that is a great idea!

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