Tuesday, May 10, 2011

BLOOD MAGIC by Tessa Gratton (or a post in which I admit I'm a crazy fangirl)

WARNING: Content shows fangirlying of epic proportions. You have been warned.

Once upon a time (a little over two years ago) I was having a BAD day. You guys, this day sucked royally and went right on sucking into the night where I sat in my room, at my computer, bitter and alone. Will was working late, late, late. The girls, practically babies back then, were finally asleep - or else they'd knocked each other unconscious in their usual bedtime fighting - I was too grumpy to check. That night, I was wallowing in my bad-day misery pretty hardcore.

Now, I'm a firm believer in the whole 'every cloud has a silver lining' thing, and I typically find my silver lining when I'm shopping online. This day was no different, but what to shop for, what to shop for?

A book - that's what. But not just any book - I wanted an incredibly fantastic faery story - something modern yet fantasy, something a wee bit gory, definitely creepy, dark yet funny... Oh yeah, and it had to be YA fiction. I had no idea where to even begin searching for a book such as this.

And then I stumbled upon the blog belonging to the Merry Sisters of Fate.

If you aren't familiar with this blog, let me fill you in: FANTASTIC FREE FICTION. Short stories posted regularly by three gals with a love for all things magic and creepy, dark yet funny. Fantasy, fairy tales, monsters (OH MY!)... I could go on forever.

I spent the rest of the night reading story after story by Maggie Stiefvater, Brenna Yovanoff and Tessa Gratton - made my feel-good purchase when I saw that Ms. Stiefvater had a published book called Lament, about homicidal faeries and an evil queen (O_O!!!) and I thought: this BETTER be good.

Uh. Yeah. The book came in the mail a couple days later. Good ended up being a bit of an understatement. Though she might tell you otherwise, I'm pretty sure Maggie wrote this book specifically for me.

- insert fangirlying of epic proportions -
(this includes but is not limited to me jumping up and down, hands flapping, eyes twitching, and OH EM GEE, OH EM GEE, OH EM GEE repeated for dayz)

I decided then and there that these three gals would share my fangirlying equally because if I focused my attentions on one of them specifically, I'd probably end up with a restraining order. Well, okay, not a real one, but they might block my IP address or something, so they wouldn't have to deal with my embarrassing amounts of fawning. Actually, that's not true. I mostly fangirl from afar with an occasional OMG I WANT TO BE YOU GUYS WHEN I GROW UP! thrown into a blog comment or tweet. But still.

Maggie's other books came out - all fantastic (you might be familiar with Shiver - a NYT bestseller for a billion consecutive weeks). Brenna's book The Replacement came out - also a NYT bestseller (if you haven't read it, go on!)

And now, coming May 24, 2011:

If you haven't guessed yet that I'm excited about this book, let me go on and tell ya:


Only two more weeks to wait, but until then, here is a book trailer to whet your appetite.

I know. That was blood. Blood Magic features BLOOD.

And if you would like a little sample of Tessa's beautiful (and creepy FTW!) writing, check out my favorite short story of hers:

PUDDLES <- click that.

You guys, if you haven't read a book by one of the three Merry Sisters, don't follow my example and wait for a terrible day to do it. Do it now! You don't need to be a young adult to love and adore YA fiction. You do, however, have to be awesome -- are you up to the challenge?

And if you want a chance to win an advanced reading copy of Blood Magic, hop on over to the blog of Natalie C Parker and enter her contest. (I'm totally on it)

Happy Tuesday, folks!



Laura Pauling said...

I like fun books but I also love creepy stories that are well told! This one looks good.

Creepy Query Girl said...

wow, I'd never heard of this blog! So funny you discovered Ms. St(I can never get her name right if I don't have it on hand) through the free fiction before Shiver!

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