Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Flashback: A Midnight Beach

I'm still planning on taking a mini blog hiatus because I have over-committed myself just a tad and need to catch up with life, but I'll toss in a Friday flashback first.

So. I've blogged about my wretched (but amusing! - to me at least) poetry from 7th grade in previous flashbacks, and here I go again. Only this poem was my 7th grade Young Author's Faire submission so it has fancy pictures!

A Midnight Beach

And in usual Marisa fashion - a page in which I dedicated my book to one of my childhood cats.

And, in case you aren't sure whether you just read a truly terrible poem or a REALLY AMAZING poem, I'll just go ahead and show you the reviews:

That's right you guys - my poem is one of the greats.

Best. Poem. EVER.

Seriously, though, I hated this poem when I wrote it. I might have had a ginormous love for writing and poetry back then, but my self-confidence was atrocious. It was supposed to be a descriptive poem, and even now, writing descriptions usually ends with me banging my head on my desk and blubbering that I'm a no-talent hack.

Although I am happy to say that my teacher liked my poem more than I did - every teacher picked two books from each class to enter the Young Author's Faire, and my poem was one of her choices.

But I will add that even then I was positive my teacher picked my poem because of the illustrations - this is the same teacher who announced to the class, while looking directly at me, that book reports and other non-artsy class assignments (she was also my history teacher) were not allowed to have illustrated covers because they will NOT count toward the grade.

This is also the teacher who, ten years later, saw me working at the elementary school her daughter attended, remembered me, and asked if I was still into art. That was pretty cool - she was one of my favorite teachers. I felt awful that I didn't recognize her. I also can't believe that at age 23 I looked enough like my 13-year-old self (eeek!) that my teacher recognized me.

Have a flashback of your own? JOIN IN THE FUN and hop on over to Tia's blog while you're at it.

Happy weekend, folks!



Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

it is always a good thing to remember the wonderful times in our life.....hope your weekend is fabby!

enjoy *~*

mshatch said...

I love your accompanying art work :)

Penefulence said...

Was that Mrs. V? (the teacher)

Marisa Hopkins said...

No, it was Mrs. Bernat.

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Know what I love about you, girl? Your punkUation. Totally kick-ass. God bless you.

AlyGatr said...

I so wish I knew you back then. I'm pretty sure we would have been besties and I would have made you illustrate my bad poetry :) You certainly had a maudlin streak in there, didn't you? I love how you covered both the raving reviews and the epitath to your cat, complete with tombstone. I giggled all the way to work when I read this!

Kristen Andrews said...

well enjoy your break I hope you get caught up!

Anonymous said...

I think it's really cool that you still HAVE a lot of these things after all these years! Hope you enjoy your blog vacation! ♥

My Hideaway said...

I love your flashbacks! I wish I had anything I did as a kid to share, but it's all buried somewhere at my parent's house...that is, if it survived at all. Mine weren't nearly as good as this though, I'm sure. Your illustrations were amazing:) I especially love the dedication to your cat-made me lol.

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