Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On Being a Magical Fairy

I've pretty much decided that being the Tooth Fairy is the #1 coolest part of being a parent so far. I'm sure more coolness is to come, but seriously. When I was a tiny grade schooler with a mouth full of wiggly teeth, nothing, I repeat, nothing was as cool as the Tooth Fairy. (well, besides Santa)(and the Easter Bunny)


1.) is a MAGICAL FAIRY. Probably in a pink sparkly dress, with sparkly shoes, and beautiful long curly hair.

2.) is able to FLY. With wings that most likely sparkle. (This was all I wanted when I was a kid. I used to have fantastic dreams of flying and the Tooth Fairy... she can do it.)

3.) gives out ICE CREAM MONEY for something as simple as sticking a tooth under a pillow and falling asleep.

Are you kidding me? I still love her.

And now I get to BE her.

Last night, after much tooth-wiggling, Gracie lost her other top tooth (world's cutest smile) and placed it in the designated Tooth Fairy box. There was excitement, there was cheering, there was jumping up and down. And, as it was well past bedtime, I had to calm her and wait, with ears pricked, for her to fall fast asleep.


Once again, my job description became extra awesome. (minus the scrounging for change part - why does my kiddo always lose teeth when my wallet has nothing less than a five dollar bill?) Out came a square of purple sparkly paper for a note signed by the Tooth Fairy herself. I called her Twinkle Bell last time, right? Yeah, that sounds like something I'd name the Tooth Fairy. Twinkle Bell it is...

And then I went into super stealth mode for the tooth/money switch out.

I had to be sneakier than I've been since the days I used to come in waaaay past curfew with hopes of my mom being asleep (she never was). Then maneuver around ten billion Barbie dolls, plastic dress-up shoes and board games.

In pure silence.

In the dark.

Must. Not. Wake. Sleeping. Child. And. Destroy. All. Childhood. Magic.

Do you know how hard it is to maneuver around ten billion Barbie dolls, plastic dress-up shoes, and board games in pure silence, in the dark? I'm sure this is exactly how Harry, Ron, and Hermione felt sneaking around Fluffy, the three-headed dog. Thrilling.

I'm just going to go ahead and toot my own horn here for a moment - I totally rocked at being a stealthy magical fairy. And yeah, okay, I was in sweats and a t-shirt instead of a sparkly dress with sparkly shoes. And my hair was in one of those lazy half pony tails and more frizzy than curly and beautiful. But this morning, Gracie was pretty darned excited to show me her money and little note from everyone's favorite money-bringing fairy, Twinkle Bell.

Except she said:

"This must be from the Tooth Fairy's sister. Because last time, the Tooth Fairy was called Lola."

Whoops. Sometimes, I have a terrible memory. Hey, it's a hard job being a mom AND moonlighting as a super stealthy Tooth Fairy.

Happy Wednesday, folks!



AlyGatr said...

You do realize I'm laughing. At you. Right at you. Only you would forget the fictional name of your Tooth Fairy. Really. I LOOOOVVVVEEEE that tooth box. Amelia's teeth were so late coming in, I suspect they will be late in falling out. At this rate, she'll start knocking teeth out just so she can meet the tooth fairy. AWESOME!

Cathy said...

Too cute! You even wrote a note! I usually write notes too but for some reason I didn't with the tooth perfect opportunity to reinforce the importance of teeth brushing and not eating too much junk! I will agree being the tooth fairy is a tough gig... Loose change makes lots of noise...did you have an excuse ready in case you were sprung?

DancingMooney ♥ said...

Lola... how cute. Well at least the magic is still there, and she's happy to receive from sisters alike. ;) Your girls are growing up so fast Marisa! ♥

Meeling said...

Great post!! Getting to moonlight as "many" a character over the years is one of the best parts of my Mommy it!!

Melissa said...

I wish I had Gracie's tooth fairy when I was younger. My dad once drew me a picture of what *my* tooth fairy looked like (think vampire with a dress made out of human teeth), and let's just say it scared me silly. I think he meant to have me cowering under the covers so that I wouldn't try to sneak a peek. Well, it worked.

Winklepots said...

That's funny. Peri's tooth fairy's name is Clarabelle. :o) That's a great excuse to get the girls to clean their room. The tooth fairy can't find your bed through the sea of Barbie dolls.
We have to write that book. :o)

funjani said...

All of these cute and clever ideas came into existence AFTER my daughters were both grown. My middle child came crying to me when she was seven. She asked me to not leave her tooth under the pillow. She was deathly afraid of some flying person sneaking into her room and hovering over her bed. She said this in front of her sister and brother. Alas, that was the end of the tooth fairy in our house. I was asked by them to tell them the truth. I did. Then they asked me about the Easter Bunny. I made up an emergency quickly and dodged that one for a few more years.

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