Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pancake Day! (In Which I Blog About How I Didn't Totally Suck at Making Pancakes)

I was all set to panic. Why? Because it's Pancake Day, and our resident Brit (aka Master Pancake-Maker) is out of town.

I love Pancake Day. I really, truly do. I was introduced to it back in my study abroad days, when I lived with my host family in Bath. My host mom's BFF, Dawn, was an amazing cook. She was also the host mom of my friend Ryan, so we sat around eating really good food a lot of the time, being entertained by Ryan's little host brother - who LOVED Pancake Day (if his clapping and cheering, "Oh, I LOVE Pancake Day! I just love it!" was any indication).

Let me just tell you, the exuberance of this scrappy little 5-year-old was infectious, and I was more than ready to join in the clapping and cheering for the wonder that is Pancake Day.

And then I got my pancake. A crepe-like thing stuffed with ice cream and cherry sauce and honey, topped with powdered sugar....

Man, oh man, it was AMAZING. It even made my official list of: Food I Like Here in the UK

(which, okay, is a pretty long list because I like food, and I like the UK, and they go surprisingly well together)

Well, I was bit by the Pancake Day bug, and was naturally thrilled to have a husband that makes Pancake Day pancakes (lemon and sugar, or Nutella and banana).

But there I was. Alone with the kids on Pancake Day. Not a single pancake-making hubs in sight.


You see, I am probably the worst pancake-maker that has ever existed. Cooking in general is not an area in which I excel. This area includes making coffee (coffee grinds, anyone?) and boiling water (who's a kitchen disaster? THIS GIRL). Usually I don't mind sucking in the kitchen, but to fail at pancakes on Pancake Day? Sounds pathetic.

To go without pancakes on Pancake Day? Sounds like a TRAGEDY.

But guess what, folks? I got out the frying pan, eggs, flour, and milk, and didn't totally suck at making pancakes!

Not a single burn mark blackened the outside. They weren't raw inside, as my pancakes usually are.


And they got me a thumbs up!

Yay, you guys!! *pats self on back*

And naturally, because I'm not one for overexerting myself in the kitchen, these were totally our dinner.

Happy Pancake Day, folks!



Julie Dao said...

This made me SO HUNGRY. These pancakes sound fabulous and I am way overdue for a pancake brunch lately!

Kelly Polark said...

I knew you could do it, Marisa!
They look delish!

Laura Pauling said...

I am not the pancake maker of the family. My husband is. I make Bisquick. He makes homemade with this awesome healthy recipe. Oh well.

I add choc. chips to mine so the kids like them.

DancingMooney ♥ said...

I am guilty of making Bisquick pancakes whenever the making of pancakes happens at all in my house... but I usually throw in some sliced bananas and that doctors things up nicely... yours sound to die for though. You might be the new pancake queen! Butterscotch syrup?!!!

Kelly Warren said...

congrats! i'm not very talented in the kitchen myself (unless it comes to desserts, which are my speciality!) so my hubs does most of the cooking at our house, and i, too, panic when i have to make the pancakes! and lord knows, i've never attempted to actually stuff them with anything, so you deserve an extra pat on the back for that

Melissa said...

I fancy myself to be a pretty decent cook, but pancakes are definitely my kryptonite. One year I even begged out of helping to make pancakes for our church's pancake dinner on the basis that *I just can make them.* Yeah, I got more than a few strange looks for that admission! Honestly, I had no idea you could actually stuff them with awesomeness. ;-)

Michelle said...

Now you've got me craving pancakes!

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