Thursday, April 5, 2012

"There's a storm blowin' up - a whopper, to speak in the vernacular of the peasantry."

On Tuesday, my hubs decided to work from a nearby coffee shop rather than drive the three hours into Dallas, where his office is. Other than the whole WOO! My hubs doesn't have to travel for work today! (his new job has him traveling 3-4 days week), this was a non-event.

And then I got a call from my Grandma, who asked how we all - particularly Will - were doing.

Well, it was a clear blue skies kinda day, and we were all feeling just fine. With the TV off and the Jack Peñate station on Pandora blasting from my speakers, I had no clue there were tornadoes tearing up Dallas.

This morning, however, when I overheard the tornado warnings stopping Annelie from enjoying her episode of Caillou, my heart froze. Ice slipped down my spine. According to the warning flashing across the screen, tornadoes were on their way to Dallas.


I tried not to panic. I didn't want to upset Annelie, especially not after seeing all the photos of Tuesday's tornado damage spread across Facebook this morning, and knowing just how disastrous tornadoes are.

"I'll just give Daddy a call and see where he is," I said, sounding übercalm. Then I left a message on his machine to call us back IMMEDIATELY.

"This is the worst day ever," Annelie said, as morose as possible. She knew about Tuesday's tornadoes, and was no doubt imagining her dad's office getting sucked up and whirled around and spit back out in the land of Oz.

With more warnings interrupting our regular programming, the few-minute wait to hear from Will was excruciating. When the phone rang, and the caller ID told us it was him, I was so, so, so relieved.

"I don't hear warning sirens!" I exclaimed. "That's a good sign that things are okay where you are, I'd say!"

"Um.... what are you talking about?" Will said back. "The weather is perfect. All sun and blue skies."

*crickets chirping*

"But it's saying across the TV screen that there are tornado warnings in Dallas...." I said.

And then I looked at the TV again.

Here's a little something to note: we have DVR. And Caillou, while being a show in which tornado warnings blaring over the whiny, obnoxious main character's voice makes it BETTER, is one of Annelie's favorite shows... so I record it for her daily.


I was watching a pre-recorded tornado warning. From Tuesday, actually.


Man, no one even needs to bother fooling me on April Fool's Day. I fool my self.

If you haven't seen the photos of Tuesday's tornadoes, this collection of photos is pretty chilling. I'm so glad the injury rate was so low (about 12 hurt) and the death rate, as far as I've read, is non-existent! Hope all my Dallas-living blog peeps are doing fine!

And now for a round of Random Quote Trivia - which character in the 1939 movie of The Wizard of Oz is responsible for my hilariously awesome blog post title?

(hint: it's Professor Marvel!) 

Have a great Thursday, folks!



Melissa said...

Oh, geez. That totally sounds like something I would do. ;-)

Cathy said...

Oh no, I was totally terrified for you! You must have felt so silly...:)

Amy McBay said...

~Man, no one even needs to bother fooling me on April Fool's Day. I fool my self.~

^(^.^) ROFL!
This sounds like something I would have done. I'm often having to remind myself the weather while I watch Castle is from the night before. Glad the hubby is safe :)

Kelly Warren said...

too funny! Glad everyone is okay!

Julie Dao said...

That is terrifying! I'm so glad there weren't tornadoes tearing around that day!

Kelly Polark said...

Tornadoes are absolutely frightening. I'm glad that you just scared yourself and Will wasn't really in danger!
Those videos from Texas storms were terrifying!

DancingMooney ♥ said...

Glad your hubs was safe that day, and it's amazing that there have been no deaths reported, thank goodness for that too! :)

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