Friday, May 4, 2012

Suddenly Seven

It's time for that obligatory post in which I go on and on about how my itsy bitsy newborn is suddenly 7-years-old, and it seemed to happen over night, and how did this happen when she was just in diapers, eating sweet potatoes for the very first time...

And then I post a baby picture from long, long ago. Such as this one:

Because tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, yeah. But more importantly, it's GRACKMEISTER G's 7th BIRTHDAY!!

Last weekend she said to me, very, very seriously, "Mom, I don't need any presents for my birthday this year. I get to go to Paris for a day, and that is my one and only dream come true."

Then we skyped my MIL, who told Gracie she booked a hotel in Paris for three nights, and Gracie burst into tears, put her head down on the desk, and sobbed until she had to excuse herself to calm down.

She's pretty jazzed for age 7, the year her one and only dream comes true. 

And I'm jazzed to see what her next one and only dream will be, because if Gracie's anything, it's a dreamer, and her dreams are all pretty great!

Happy birthday, little kiddo! 



The Girl Made From Color said...

Happy Birthday Gracie!!!

beka said...

awwwwwww, her reaction to the 3-days-instead-of-just-1 day about made me tear up.
so sweet.

happy birthday to gracie!

Marisa Hopkins said...


Haha, Beka, she's so sensitive and dramatic. She reminds me of Anne of Green Gables EXACTLY. it's hilarious.

Cathy said...

I would be sobbing too if someone gave me that gift! The only negative about living in Australia is that it's soooo far from everywhere else! Happy birthday Gracie! I've loved watching you blossom into a little lady with such character :) xxx

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

She has gotten sooo big!! Hope she had a wonderful day and can not wait to hear about her adventures in Paris. :)

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