Friday, October 19, 2012

Making Mr. Nilsson

Annelie acts a lot like the hilarious and rebellious red-pigtailed Swede, Miss Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Ephraim's Daughter Longstocking.

She loved when we read the book together last spring, so it's no surprise that she wanted to make herself a shoulder-sitting Mr. Nilsson to go with the Pippi costume she can't wait to wear for Halloween this year.

Also, I introduced her to my little friend....
Giving my kids glue gun privileges just might be the biggest mistake I've ever made - potentially worse than scissor privileges, which led to years of crazy-cut hair. I've already peeled quite a bit of melted glue off my floors. But I'm a glutton for punishment, raising two craft junkies. Some things can't be helped.

Annelie raided my felt and fleece stash, and I helped her cut out a monkey shape to glue and stuff.
I cut out the nose and eyes to her specifications, and helped a bit with the face-gluing... but she did the rest!

I think they make the perfect duo. They even look alike.

Happy Friday, folks! Hope you have a great weekend!



Jenna Blake Morris said...

Ha, I love that! I was Pippi one year, too--mostly what I remember is having a wire stuck right behind my head, holding my braids out. Tad bit uncomfortable, but definitely worth it.

Anyways, brilliant idea to make a Mr. Nilsson!

Leah said...

I just love the picture of them together :)

mshatch said...

Very cool! I am sharing this with my sister who is very crafty and has a daughter in kindergarten.

Madeline said...

she is so cute

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