Saturday, October 27, 2012

Perfectly Pippi

You better believe I had heart palpitations of joy when Annelie informed me that she wanted to be Pippi Longstocking for Halloween.

We made a Mr. Nilsson monkey pal together (blogged here) and got crafty with her dress.

I decided, out of sheer laziness, that this year I would not touch my sewing machine once. Oiling my machine and winding bobbins of matching thread is not high on my list of Favorite Things To Do, so I wimped out and grabbed my most favorite crafting tool ever.

Yep, that's right, this year's costume is compliments of my glue gun. Add in my fabric scrap stash, a bottle of Neon Red hair spray, and approximately 1 hour (including dress-gluing), and I managed to transform Annelie from a girl who acts just like Pippi, to a girl who looks just like Pippi.

Then off to the school Fall carnival we went.

Pippi pet the chickens.
Pippi fed the cows.

But the highlight, for me, was when Pippi and Mr. Nilsson found their buddy Little Old Man, and galloped off into the sunset.

(or, you know, walked around the school sports field)

And the wacky bookish trio was complete!

Annelie was a hit, but mostly by the parents, who remembered Pippi's adventures from their youth but had yet to share her with their kids. "How does she even know who Pippi Longstocking is?" I was asked by multiple people.

After chatting with them about reading Pippi to the girls before our trip to Sweden this past summer, I do believe there will be a few fellow school chums welcoming the wacky redhead into their lives. (hurrah!)

Gracie had an awesome time at the carnival, too, decked out as Captain Happypants, my favorite super hero. 

I can't wait to see what costumes these kids come up with next year!

Hope you have a happy and safe Halloween this year, folks!



beka said...

hahaha...i love it!! i'd totally want to be pippi too :)

Meeling said...

Love it!! Being a real redhead, growing up, Pippi was one of my favorite kindred book characters.

Looks like she was having a blast!

mshatch said...

man I wish you were my mom when I was little!

Kelly Warren said...

too cute! i need to introduce my redheads to pippi!

Amy Herbst said...

Adorable. :-) Happy Halloween!

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