Friday, September 28, 2007

I've Got the Teething Baby Blues

Four teeth at once. FOUR!!! That means non-stop crying, swollen gums, sticky medicine covered clothes, hands, and face, and painful "mmmma mmmma mmmma!" being shouted round the clock.

Yup, Annelie is teething and I am going nuts.

What was Mother Nature thinking? My wisdom teeth came in about eight years ago, and I still remember the unbearable pain as the teeth worked their way slowly through the gums. But I was eighteen and old enough to understand what was going on. Poor Annelie is only seven an a half months old, for crying out loud!!

To make matters worse, she bites like crazy with the two teeth she already has, and every time I yowl in pain (because seriously, who expects to be bitten while nursing? I can assure you, the sweet and happy nursing endorphins that are released while nursing are completely overshadowed by agony... and aren't endorphins supposed to be nature's painkillers?) she bursts into tears, making nursing time take about six years per feeding.

And yesterday, she bit me six times in one feeding.

I quit.

On the bright side, I did discover something that Annelie loves to teethe on. Forget Tylenol, teething gel, biter biscuits, and cold teething rings...

Annelie only gets relief from her electric Hello Kitty toothbrush.

I just pray the batteries don't die on me.


Barbra said...

Your baby is too adorable and your shop is terrific!

Precious Quilts said...

So cute!!! It is worth all the pain in the long run:)

Anonymous said...

Your baby is adorable. There must be something to vibrations of the toothbrush making her gums feel better. When my grandson was teething we actually found a vibrating teether and it seemed to work.

Natalie said...

The poor little thing! I think teething is just around the corner for us and from the stories I've heard, I'm NOT looking forward to it.

And congrats on losing all the weight!!! I've lost about 47 lbs, but I gained a whopping 60, so I have a bit to go. Then another 20 before I'm down to my goal weight. (I should have lost that before I got pregnant... what was I thinking?!)

I'll have to remember about the toothbrush, though. I've got an electric one I'll try out!

Cora said...

Awwww - what a cutie!
Buy lots of batteries - keep that toothbrush powered!

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