Friday, August 29, 2008

A Super Cute Sugar Bowl and Some Unexpected Inspiration

When Gracie broke my sugar bowl a few months ago (if you are wondering if it broke because she was sneaking sugar and knocked it off the counter - well, you'd be right) I was disappointed for about 3.5 seconds.

You see, while I loved my little glass sugar bowl, I knew that I had the perfect excuse to request a custom sugar bowl from one of my favorite Etsy shops, Sweet Pickles Pottery.

And the lovely Melanie - Miss Sweet Pickles Pottery herself - was more than happy to indulge my every whim, and made me the cutest little sugar bowl ever. And when I opened up my package and pulled out my new sugar bowl, all I could think was The Queen of Hearts meets The Mad Hatter... and some unexpected inspiration was found for my new collection (still in sketch form, as well as floating around my head because there is a lot more inspiration to be had, and many more sketches to be made).

So, I'm excited to show off my latest sketches for a funky and fun Alice in Wonderland series, which I hope to complete some time in the next few months, once I get some custom orders finished up.

Lovely Miss Alice

The royal and regal Queen of Hearts

The Mad Hatter

The March Hare and the sleepy little Dormouse

If you are wondering where the Caterpillar, White Rabbit and Cheshire Cat are lurking... well those are still in my head. But I don't see them as snobs, so we shall see how those turn out!

And if you are looking to have a Mad Hatter's tea party of your own, well, this little girls tea set is just the perfect thing to have it with!

Too cute, right?

Gracie and Annelie, the lucky little girls, are going to be getting this tea set from Sweet Pickles Pottery for Christmas. They don't even have a clue how lucky they are! But I do and I can't wait.



Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Krause Springs and Baby Kisses

We went to Austin for the weekend, to visit friends and family. It is amazing how much my girls have grown and changed in the three months since we have been away from Austin.

Annelie has always been a bit reserved in groups, not talking until she gets home (and then she never ever stops). In the last three months, she has come out of her shell around other people and pretty much spent the whole weekend in conversation with whoever would listen to her 18 month old babble -- with only a few recognizable words thrown in.

We drove to Spicewood, which is about a half hour outside of Austin, to spend Saturday at Krause Springs with some friends for a birthday party.

Krause Springs is a natural spring fed swimming hole, and is absolutely beautiful. The water is cold, and, in the sweltering humidity that is Austin in the summer, completely refreshing.

The girls, who had only been in swimming pools before, were completely in love with the spring water. Gracie was even brave enough to swim under a waterfall and into a mossy, dark cave, which surprised me. What a brave little three year old!

After swimming, we gathered in the picnic area for barbeque and cake... and little Annelie fell in love. Our friend's son, Evan, is only a few months younger than Annelie. Annelie hadn't seen him in ages and was completely enamored with him. When she wasn't looking at him and babbling to him, she was leaning over and kissing him.

At first, little Evan returned her sentiment.
He even gave her a few baby kisses of his own.

But like most little kissy girls, Annelie took things a little too far. Eventually, Evan decided enough was enough and turned his cheek each time Annelie went in for the kiss.

And after she continued to persist, Evan began to cry.

I think I'll have to teach my girls a few things about playing hard-to-get.

If you ever find yourself in the Spicewood, Texas area, a visit to the park is a must. Camping is open year-round and the swimming areas are open in the summer months from 9am - dusk. You can find out more about the swimming hole and campground at



Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm a Finalist!!!

I've been jumping up and down (for joy) because Etsy announced the finalists for their Handmade Kids Challenge, which they have been talking about on their blog, The Storque for the last month and a half... and Elegant Snobbery made the cut!

I entered my Hello, Friend! 10 x 10 print and was so thrilled to see it amongst the 40 finalists in the art category.

The winners in each category win a $200 etsy shopping spree and everyone who votes in the contest is entered to win one of 14 $350 etsy shopping sprees! Woot woot!

If you are interested in voting, and you have an Etsy account, be sure to click this link!

My competition is fierce, as there are 39 other wonderful pieces of art in my category, so be sure to vote for the one you love best. And if it is my print, well here is a great big huge



Wednesday, August 20, 2008

There's a New Snob In Town: Meet Rose

"What a shame that my sister Lily can't be as lovely as me," Rose thought, as she admired her own grace and beauty.
The lovely Miss Rose should really think twice about comparing herself to her equally lovely sister. But never worry, she'll get her just desserts. No one likes a snob, after all.

Until I added the lovely Rose this afternoon, I haven't added a new snob to the shop since Elegant Snobbery opened last January. The original illustration belongs to my fabulous friend Casey of Fields of View Photography, who ordered Rose, as well as a soon-to-be sister snob called Lily (if you are imagining a lovely blonde, curly haired snob with a fabulous hair-do featuring a Stargazer Lily, well, you would be right) inspired by her daughters Anwyn Lily and Moya Rose.

I think Rose has a lovely sweet, yet snobby face.

With a garden filled with lavender roses (to match her hair, of course - shouldn't gardens always match one's hair?) and an ink butterfly flying about.

And I just love the sleeves with that fabulous beaded trim. I don't wear purple (makes my olive skin go sallow) but if I could wear it, I'd love a dress like this one.

So, despite the fact that this is a custom job and prints of custom orders don't end up in my shop (as they are for the buyer and the buyer alone to enjoy!) Casey and I have worked out that I'm going to have limited Rose and Lily illustrations in my shop and I'm very excited because I LOVE them! Well, I love the finished Rose and the sketch of Lily who will be finished this week.

So come on over to Elegant Snobbery and say hello to Rose, who can be found in 8 x 10 and 11 x 14 print sizes. She will probably ignore you, though, and consider herself well above the likes of you. She isn't the sweetest of snobs, despite her lovely face.



Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Cutest Little Cowgirl In Texas

Annelie has a pair of pretty pink cowgirl boots. Once upon a time, they belonged to her big-footed sister, who was never able to wear them because her feet were too big. We were completely shocked when 18 month old Annelie dug them out of the dress-up box and put them on all by herself.

And of course, once she discovered the joy that is a pair of pink cowgirl boots, she has never taken them off. I actually have to check on her the second I know that she has fallen asleep at night, because more often than not, she is wearing the boots in her bed (I take them off before I put her in bed, but I'm telling you, this little cowgirl looooooves her boots).

She especially loves how they click across the kitchen floor.

I'm not a cowgirl, myself. In fact, I'm far from it. Country music - hate it. Western wear - no thanks. Texas - put me back in California any day. Wide open spaces - I'll take the beach.

(this is her "say cheese" face)

But Annelie is our little Texan, being the only member of our family born here in this BBQ-loving, cowpoke state. And I have to say, that as much as I love wearing flip flops (the preferred footwear of a California native), it is pretty cute to see my little Texas miss wearing her pretty pink cowgirl boots.

For little cowgirls everywhere, here is an Etsy tribute:

I love the little cowgirl outfits found in ChewChew's Closet. From skirts, rhumba pants with ruffled bums, to matching shirts, this shop has your little cowgirl covered. And of course, there is an equally adorable line for the little cowboy in your life, as well.

You can find this skirt and shirt at

I'm loving this felt Callie the Cow hair clip from Cutesie Clips.

Completely adorable. You can find this clip and a bunch of other equally adorable hand-stitched felt clips at

And last, this Blond Cowgirl print from Carla Sonheim is one of my absolute favorites from her shop (although her whole shop is the stinking cutest shop ever, in my humble opinion).

I just love that little girl's expression!! And that little horse is pretty adorable, too! You can find this print, as well as a whole shop full of the cutest artwork around, at

Happy Trails!


Friday, August 15, 2008

Giveaway Winners and Yet Another Milestone

Drum roll, please...

And the two winners from my gift tag giveaway are...

April, of

And Sydnei, of

Congrats to you ladies and I want to thank everyone who entered and gave their best business advice. I only wish I could have made everyone who entered a winner. But alas, I'm not a slave to my gift tags and making that many sets would have just about killed me.

I have another milestone to add to my belt (metaphorical, not literal. I don't actually wear a belt of great milestones, although I should, because it would probably look pretty cool. Unless it was made from actual stones. Then it would just be very heavy).

I am in the middle of adding original illustrations to my shop *deep breath, deep breath*

I'm an artist, right? I should have original illustrations in my shop. I've always thought this and on occasion, I will suck up my courage and add an illustration or two... but unless they are immediately snatched up (I've sold two originals on Etsy so far and that was very hard for me to do! I miss them a lot), I most likely remove them before they sit for longer than a few weeks.

You see, the idea of parting with my beloved originals scares the daylights out of me. I used to draw for my friends all the time. I put my heart and soul into each illustration I created and was always so happy to give them away to my friends, who loved telling me what they wanted me to draw for them.

I stopped giving my pictures away about 8 years ago, when I discovered one of my favorite pictures ever - this pen and ink horse that took me ages to draw - crumpled in the backseat of my former best friend's car, with her dirty sneakers on top. I didn't cry, but I wanted to.

Then, in early college, I began selling my original illustrations to families of the children who attended the elementary school I worked at. I made quite good money doing this, as the parents were more than happy to pay a fortune for the illustrations. But after the pictures were gone, and I knew I would never see them again, I just felt soooo sad.

So the milestone I reached yesterday is a big one for me.... I've finally reached the point where I can put my originals back in my shop without needing to tuck my head between my legs so I don't pass out. Yes, this is a slight exaggeration on my part... but only slight.

I'm really hoping that parting with my originals will get easier the more I do it... but I'm not so sure. I can't stop having nightmares that one day I'll stumble across one of my favorites sitting dejectedly in the corner of someone's garage sale. What an awful thought!

But in the meantime, my originals are there in the shop with their own special section titled "Original Illustrations." Clever, I know.



Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Milestones for the Baby Book

Gracie and Annelie have 100% completely up to date baby books. Yes, I am one of those mothers. Anytime my girls hit a milestone, I run to the hall closet, pull out their baby books and record it. Before Gracie was even born, I had her baby book memorized, so that when a baby book milestone arose, I would have a picture and documented moment to add to the page. First tooth, first solid food, first bath... they are all there.

But there are certain milestones that all kids reach, that are missing from the baby book and I always wish there was a place for them. Annelie is in the middle of learning her body parts, and the one she loves to point out the most is "nose." Of course, like all babies learning where their nose is, she doesn't just tap her finger to the tip, she shoves her finger deep inside. And of course, whenever someone is holding her, she decides to show them where their nose is... by saying "nose!" while shoving her finger deep inside their own nostrils.

Mothers out there, I'm sure you can relate. You just gotta love those milestones that we parents can use as ammunition against them for the rest of their lives! I just wanted to share some of my favorite unconventional milestones and baby firsts that might not have a set place in their baby book but certainly mark important moments in their childhood development - and in my heart!

Gracie's First Temper Tantrum

My mom was visiting us and thought I was cruel for photographing rather than comforting... but come on. These photos make the best photos! And how cute is my screaming baby? I knew that I wouldn't always find her tantrums so adorable, so I figured I might as well record one that was.

Gracie's First Time on a Swing

Nothing compares to the joy on a baby's face when she discovers the joy of swinging. I don't know how I even got Gracie out of the swing, she was having so much fun.

Gracie Discovers her Belly Button
(and thinks that it is a plug socket)

Gracie Unravels a Roll of Toilet Paper

Baby messes are not really things to record, that is true. But there is something about the milestone in which a baby unravels an entire roll of toilet paper when your back is turned, that makes me smile. She looks so angelic with that fluffy toilet paper all around her.

Gracie Meets Her Sister For the First Time
(and promptly covers her in stickers)

Annelie's First Ice Cream Cone

Chocolate. Mmmmmm....

I look forward to the many milestones that my girls will be hitting as they grow, but I hope you have enjoyed seeing these ones!


Friday, August 8, 2008

Many Happy Milestones and a Giveaway to Celebrate

I have been in a euphoric state lately. When I started Elegant Snobbery seven months ago, I had no expectations of success. I like my pictures and I enjoy drawing, but I had never before given myself a chance to become successful as an artist, and frankly, I was scared stiff! If it wasn't for the encouragement I got from my blog readers back in December, Elegant Snobbery would never have opened. But I did it. I took the plunge, I sucked up my courage and opened my shop.

A few weeks ago, I hit my first 100 sales and am still glowing! And if that wasn't enough, I discovered my Captain Monkeybones print on the Etsy Front Page (thank you Amanda aka This Old Hen House for the screen shot!) (and thank you Holly aka Winklepots for creating such a beautiful treasury and featuring my illustration!!). And if that wasn't enough, Tootsie and Grace hit its first 100 hearts.

Getting my shop seen and getting my work out there hasn't been a just sit back and relax kinda deal. I have been working hard for the last seven months, to promote my shops. I am an active member of two street teams (actually three, but I just joined the Trunkt Team this week), the Fabulous Artistic Moms and the Interior Design Team. I post in the Etsy forums, actively participate in the blogging community, sucked up my courage and sent my portofio over to Trunkt, have Project Wonderful ads on blogs far and wide, renew items in my shop frequently (which was a super smart tip from KJ aka The Dreamy Giraffe), and make sure to absorb every bit of business advice that the Etsy forums and Storque have to offer. And my new favorite Storque articles are the Quit Your Day Job features which are so inspiring.

I don't plan on quitting my day job, because being an at-home-mom means I get to be there to watch my girls grow and learn and I love them to bits if you can't already tell by the millions of blog posts devoted entirely to their cuteness. But I definitely strive to reach the level of success that will allow me to give the girls as many learning experiences as I possibly can, through a great preschool, travel and the ability to take them places like the zoo and museums whenever we want.

I officially feel like I've got my leg in the door, and if I continue to create and promote, I might just make it where I want to be. It feels fabulous!!

To celebrate my many happy milestones so far and the success that I know is in my future (I'm not talking psychic abilities here, I just feel it in my heart) I'm having a gift tag giveaway! My gift tags, which measure 3 x 3 and have a black satin ribbon tie in the corner, feature my illustrations and are rather adorable if I do say so myself. I'm giving away a set of 8 gift tags to two different winners (you read that right folks, there will be two winners this time) with the winner's choice of images - from either or both of my shops.

Entering this giveaway is easy. You only have to leave a comment on this blog post declaring your best piece of business advice. It could be something that has worked for your own indie business, or something that has worked for someone you know. Just be sure to shout it out for all to see! The winner will be announced on Friday the 15th of August, which is one week from today.

Please make sure I have a way to contact you!


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Two Eager Beavers and Olivia Pot Pie

Gracie and Annelie each got a little surprise in the mail from our favorite new Etsy shop: Olivia Pot Pie. I'm sure most of you loyal readers will remember the post from the other day {here} , in which I took the drawing (which was a pattern for a stuffed cat called Mittens) made by four year old Olivia, and turned it into a Tootsie and Grace illustration.

Well Olivia has a shop of her own now, a mom and daughter collaboration of adorable softies designed by Olivia and made into cuddly friends by her mother, Anne (aka Casserole). Olivia even picks out the fabric and stuffs the softies herself! Gracie and Annelie became the proud owners of these adorable surprise stuffed Beavers designed from Gracie's very own Barrington the Beaver illustration.

How awesome is that? I swear, I was completely blown away when the girls opened their packages. I immediately jumped up and ran to retrieve the illustration of Barrington, so that Gracie and Annelie could see that their new little beavers look EXACTLY like the beaver illustration in our shop (although I think the star tail fabric is way cuter than the criss-cross tail on Barrington).

"Gracie, look! Your new stuffed animal is the beaver just like the picture you drew!" I exclaimed as I held up the picture for the girls to see.

"Thats right, Mom! Good job!" Gracie said back (she always talks to me as if I'm the one who is three and deserves a gold star for getting the answer right).

Gracie was pretty tickled by these cute little beavers, but I must say that the one she wanted the most was the one that Annelie opened up. That is her new thing... always wanting whatever her little sister is given. Even if it has the same big toothy grin and starry tail.

And of course, nothing compares to the excitement of getting a surprise package in the mail!

Thank you Olivia Pot Pie!

Be sure to go on over and visit their new Etsy shop. At the moment, this little Curly Tailed Spider Pig is waiting for a home. How seriously adorable is this? I love his arms.

And his little curly tailed rump.

You can find this very unusual and highly adorable softie at


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