Tuesday, October 2, 2007

One Lump or Two?

I love tea.

I come from a tea drinking family and have always looked forward to a sweet and milky cup with a scone, cookie or cake (Bakewell Tarts or chocolate Digestive biscuit when I am in England). My husband is British and believe it or not, I am the one who drinks the most tea in our house. Will usually has a cup on the weekend, I like to have a couple of cups a day.

Gracie had her first tea party with me when she was eighteen months old. She just flipped over her little cup and the plate of tiny cookies just for her. Tea time has been a tradition of ours ever since. Gracie doesn’t like to drink milk unless it is chocolate milk, vanilla milk, or strawberry milk, so slipping it in her tea is a good way for me to make sure she is drinking enough.

To celebrate our love for teatime, I have just added Tea Cakes and Party Plates to Tootsie and Grace. No tea party will be quite as sweet without these sweet as sugar cakes covered in sprinkles and a bright red cherry! They are perfect for hours of creative play.

Each set comes with:
Four play tea cakes and four shabby rag plates

They are made from flannel in Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla and Banana Crème. The sprinkles are made from knotted embroidery floss (you wont have to worry about beads falling off) and the cherry button on top has been sewn on as well as glued on the underside using a kid friendly glue.

This set also features the gorgeous designer fabrics in the Chocolate Lollipop collection by Anna Maria Horner for Freespirit. The prints are bright and fun and add a touch of whimsy to the sweet treats.

Love Chocolate Lollipops and want to see more? Check out my previous blog titled Chocolate Lollipops.

I would like to feature some other Etsy sellers who love their tea time, too!

The first shop I would like to feature is Tabitha Emma for Kids from Australia. I just flipped out over the darling little purses, especially this cup of tea with tea bag and the little teapot. All the bags are shaped like sweet treats such as ice cream sundaes, cake slices with sprinkles and frosting covered cupcakes.

You can find these sweet bags at http://www.tabidesigns.etsy.com

The next shop I would like to feature is Mulberry Muse a shop specializing in gorgeous cards and gift packaging (also from Australia!) I love everything in this shop! All the tags and cards are so girly and swirly chic with lots of pink and black. Very sophisticated, very fun. These tea pot and cupcake gift tags fit in perfectly with my tea party theme today! The holidays are just around the corner. Wouldn’t these tags be the perfect adornment to a gift of tea treats for a friend?

You can find this shop at http://www.mulberrymuse.etsy.com! Take you time looking around, because there are so many sweet things to see!

Are you looking to have tea party of your own, but you are missing your main ingredient? You can find specialty teas at Lilith’s Apothecary right on Etsy! This shop specializes in herbal products to aid your mind, body and spirit. I think this Bright Mornings Herbal tea blend looks delicious! You can also find detoxifying teas, as well as relaxation tea. You can find this shop at http://www.lilithsapothecary.etsy.com and be sure to return your containers. That will give you a nice discount!

Enjoy your tea time, and don’t forget the cakes!


JennyBunnyEtsy said...

Lovely pictures!

Makes me want some tea....

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for including tabidesigns and mulberrymuse in such a lovely little piece about tea time, yes we are both from Australia in fact live in the same house! Mother and daughter and we love our tea times:)

Mary Ann said...

Your things are adorable and so is that baby!

Unknown said...

Just one word, Yummy!

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