Friday, November 2, 2007

A Work In Progress

I'm not sure how my shop looks to other people, but to me, it is a complete work in progress. I am excited to finally get my rear in gear with my grand visions for Tootsie and Grace, and hopefully it will show soon! Of course, I should have started before the holiday season, but... I got a little excited and jumped into making as many things as I could with as many fabrics as I could get my hands on!!!

When I first began designing Tootsie and Grace, I had planned on creating entire collections of baby items, each with a theme. I wanted there to be bib sets, security blankets and wash cloths, note cards and scrapbooking embellishments, tea cakes and soft baby books, as well as prints and original paintings to coordinate. Instead, I began making a mishmash of things, as well as trying to sell off the nursery canvases I had painted last winter, before I even started planning my shop.

I am finally starting to work on my collections and am going to be taking some of my paintings to a printer on Monday to have them professionally photographed and printed. YAY!! I am so excited. My next step: making my coordinating baby items beginning with bib sets and baby blankets.

I am finishing up a small collection of Christmas items called First Noel and am going to add them to my shop next week (after I finish my never ending list of tasks which include finishing the mural I am painting for Gracie's friend, making two custom bib sets, as well as eight tea cake and party plate sets. EIGHT!!! That is a lot of embroidery knot sprinkles!) . Then I am going to get to work on The Fairytale Collection, which is made from the GORGEOUS and sadly discontinued fabrics from Amy Butler's Ginger Bliss and Temple Flowers collections.

I will also soon have the Ooh La La Paris Collection completed (if I can only convince my husband that the $14.00 a yard Japanese import fabric featuring sweet little cafes and Parisian shops is a necessity, not a whim). You can see the first attempt at sketching out my artwork, which I will hopefully transfer from the sketch book to drawing paper this weekend.

Then I need to bust my behind on getting my boy collection finished. I can't decide if I should first do the Under the Big Top Collection which is vintage circus themed, or my Small Samurai Collection. What do you think?

Too much fun!!

Hopefully, before too long, my shop will no longer be a work in progress!


Liz said...

beautiful work and a great shop. well done!

Cathy said...

LOVE your work and enjoyed reading this post - there are never enough hours in the day are there? which is why I am sitting here at almost 1am! Must, must go to bed! Will bookmark your blog and come back for a closer read and look at your shop in the morning :)

Katie said...

Yea! Can't wait to see all the new stuff. Sounds like you're super busy but having fun!

Unknown said...

I love your blog - especially the laundry and ironing part - hilarious!

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