Saturday, February 9, 2008

For The Birds

I have been having so much fun with my collages, but I have to say that my favorite things to draw at the moment are birds. I plan on doing some full color ones soon (I have a sketchbook full of things to illustrate at the moment, so who knows when I'll find the time!!!) but in the meantime, I have been making some sweet little tweets to share!

I love this one. I called it Bird Song. Mainly because I couldn't figure out what to call it. I hate naming artwork. But I like the picture, and I did explain the title in my shop description:

--- A sweet little bird perches upon a branch and gets ready to sing a melancholy love song. And what a lovely place to sing. This bird, drawn in ink on bristol board, is collaged to a background featuring vintage text from a 1904 copy of Shakespeare's Cymbeline. The sweet colored pencil roses add to the romantic vintage feel.---

Here is another bird collage. I have the original in my shop, but will be selling prints as well, after I go to the print shop next week. This one is called "Bird and Blossoms." My creative titles obviously know no bounds.

For bird lovers everywhere... here are a couple of birds I love from other fabulous sellers!!

These love birds from Boundstaff Press are so sweet! I will definitely own this one one day (as soon as I'm no longer a starving artist.... if ever...)

You can find these and birds galore, all created from block prints by artist Justin Miller at

There is a new shop on Etsy and I am a smitten kitten! I just can't stop adoring the artwork of Kim McCabe and couldn't help but want to show off this darling little humming bird (on a cupcake... yum!).
You can find this print and all her other GORGEOUS works of art at

Well, the early bird catches the worm ( or in my case, the mom gets woken up by a crying baby hungry for her milk) so it is off to bed for me. Don't forget to love those birds!!



Nicole Solo said...

i love the lovebirds too! so pretty and vivid

Anonymous said...

Your work is really beautiful!


Unknown said...

Great collages! I especially like the third one.

Unknown said...

Your work is whimsically wonderful! My checkbook doth not runneth over at the moment. However, I did go check out your Etsy store, marking your store as a favorite!

What a nice visit!

Deirdra Doan said...

I love your birds, Oh the pink is so pretty.

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