Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bathing Beauty

Since discovering Etsy, I have become very hygiene happy.

Granted, I have always loved pampering myself. Looking back at my life before kids, its hard for me to believe that I used to buy expensive shampoos and conditioners, moisturizers from the makeup counters of Nordstrom, essential oils from fancy spas, and body polishes and fizzy bath bombs from luxurious bath boutiques.

Now, I can barely remember a time when bubble baths were for me, not my girls. Or when I actually used a body product that cost more than a few nickels and dimes from Target. Since having kids, my beauty products have been taken over with tear-less shampoos, diaper rash cream, and antibacterial hand sanitizers.

Lately on Etsy, I have been getting back into the luxurious bath time experience again. Only this time around, I'm not spending a fortune.

And better yet --- I am happier with my products than I have ever been before. The quality, the scents, and the beauty of the bath and body items I have found on Etsy completely outrank the products at the Nordstrom counter.

The first body treat I bought was a container of Sugar Rush Soap Souffle from Lollibomb. This stuff is the most decadent, sugary-sweet, bubbly body wash I have ever in my life used. It smells like heaven wrapped up in cotton candy, and then dipped in vanilla that has been infused with caramel. And then wrapped up in a cute little goodie box with pink polkadots.


Before I opened up my Rosemary Mint soap from 4th Ave. Soap Co, I couldn't believe a soap could be beautiful. But the shimmery green soap, and the fresh scent is unlike any other!

I almost feel bad using a soap like this one, as it is just too lovely.

When I knew my grandmother, aunt and uncle were all having birthdays within a few days of each other, I couldn't resist treating them all to some 4th Ave soaps of their own.

I took a crochet class so that I could crochet some gorgeous spa washcloths to go with them... but I failed miserably. Luckily, the soaps make a fabulous gift on their own.

When Gracie is all done using the potty (let me just say that I hate potty training passionately), she gets to wash her hands with these adorable ducky baby powder scented soaps from A Breath of French Air...

... and these super sweet and fruity Lego soaps from Sweet Spice. For Gracie, washing hands is almost better than her lollipop bribe for using the potty.


I've said it before and I'll say it again: Sweet Spice's Tiny Tushies Ointment = the most wonderful, miracle-worker diaper ointment on the planet.

I bought the sampler pack of Tooth Chips, from Rose of Sharon Acres, not knowing what in the world I was purchasing. I had heard that they were wonderful, so I was willing to try them out. I'm glad I did, because we are all in love with them.

I'm telling ya, these Tooth Chips get your teeth clean! Goodbye slimy morning teeth and the breath that follows. You'll feel like you have just gotten back from the dentist (after a cleaning, not a root canal) and the clean feeling lasts all day long!

What guy would turn down the lather of a soap made from Guinness? Not my brother, who was thrilled with his manly man soap from Dennis Anderson's shop.

My MIL was also thrilled with the Rose scented shampoo bar we also bought from Dennis Anderson, which she took with her on her two month trek through South America. The perfect gift for the traveling vagabond!!

And take a look at this:


My 12 year old cousin flipped out over GudonyaToo's Floap (Soap that Floats) in Chocolate Truffle with Raspberry Sprinkles, that she received from me, with a set of wash cloths I made with Anna Maria Horner's Chocolate Lollipops fabric. The floap smells as good as it looks. Trust me. Their Baby Legs shave bars are fantastic, too!

My armpits smell. They really do. Of CHAI TEA!!!

I bought this deodorant from South Pacific Body because I was just so sick of smelling like Tropical Breeze (whatever the heck that is supposed to smell like) and Caribbean Blast (ditto) or whatever uninspiring scent I could pick up from Target. I wanted something unique and hopefully wonderful. I have not been let down. This deodorant smells just like Chai Tea -- and the smell lasts for about 12 hours per application. I kid you not. I even saw Will sneaking some onto his own underarms when he didn't think I was looking. Not because he couldn't find his own Old Spice, but because he loved the smell of mine so much!

Okay, I am tired of showing off all my goodies. But I hope you may have discovered something wonderful for yourself while reading this.


Melissa Aubrey said...

I loved reading your blog! I need to go and buy all of the yummy products you just taunted me with now! I'll be back soon to read more. Melissa

MiKa Art said...

Wow- these are so amazing!!

Carry Grace said...

Ok, now I need to go buy some new soap.

Rosebud Collection said...

You sure had some good, never saw so many nice soaps,etc..
Thanks for all the information..

Anonymous said...

Those soaps are so beautiful!!! I love those white lacy ones! They're just gorgeous! :)

(I hope you had a great weekend!!)

Marie said...

I love that you share all the good finds you bought on Etsy. That deodorant sounds like it's worth a try-I've bought from her before. The tushie ointment may be something Maddie could use, since you keep saying it really works, if I get it, I'm gonna hold you to that! :)

Have a great day!

Cathy said...

hi! how have you been?

love the sound and look of all those soaps! i especially want to try the teeth chip thingys... but i don't know whether any of them would make it through customs here?! we have pretty strict regulations, and i'm afraid they may be confiscated... that's why i have never been game to buy any of these sorts of products...

p.s. LOVE the photos of your husband and girls playing :) just beautiful

van dyke said...

I happened across your blog and it has made me investigate and wow, what a world THAT is! Thanks for the recommendations. Now I have to go spend money.

Betzie said...

Oh make me want to run right to Etsy! Chai tea armpit smell??? Now that is really unique! LOL I am so tempted!! I rarely buy anything fancy in the way of deodorant or soaps...but it sure sounds enticing.Beautiful soaps too...I can't crochet either!
Thanks for sharing!

Betzie said...

Oh make me want to run right to Etsy! Chai tea armpit smell??? Now that is really unique! LOL I am so tempted!! I rarely buy anything fancy in the way of deodorant or soaps...but it sure sounds enticing.Beautiful soaps too...I can't crochet either!
Thanks for sharing!

New England Quilter said...

That Guinness soap looks like a good father's day gift!

The Bookworm said...

hi, very nice products listed here. and you blog is great!

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