Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Krause Springs and Baby Kisses

We went to Austin for the weekend, to visit friends and family. It is amazing how much my girls have grown and changed in the three months since we have been away from Austin.

Annelie has always been a bit reserved in groups, not talking until she gets home (and then she never ever stops). In the last three months, she has come out of her shell around other people and pretty much spent the whole weekend in conversation with whoever would listen to her 18 month old babble -- with only a few recognizable words thrown in.

We drove to Spicewood, which is about a half hour outside of Austin, to spend Saturday at Krause Springs with some friends for a birthday party.

Krause Springs is a natural spring fed swimming hole, and is absolutely beautiful. The water is cold, and, in the sweltering humidity that is Austin in the summer, completely refreshing.

The girls, who had only been in swimming pools before, were completely in love with the spring water. Gracie was even brave enough to swim under a waterfall and into a mossy, dark cave, which surprised me. What a brave little three year old!

After swimming, we gathered in the picnic area for barbeque and cake... and little Annelie fell in love. Our friend's son, Evan, is only a few months younger than Annelie. Annelie hadn't seen him in ages and was completely enamored with him. When she wasn't looking at him and babbling to him, she was leaning over and kissing him.

At first, little Evan returned her sentiment.
He even gave her a few baby kisses of his own.

But like most little kissy girls, Annelie took things a little too far. Eventually, Evan decided enough was enough and turned his cheek each time Annelie went in for the kiss.

And after she continued to persist, Evan began to cry.

I think I'll have to teach my girls a few things about playing hard-to-get.

If you ever find yourself in the Spicewood, Texas area, a visit to the park is a must. Camping is open year-round and the swimming areas are open in the summer months from 9am - dusk. You can find out more about the swimming hole and campground at




Janna said...

Awww! How adorable and sweet! Those two are both so cute! Evan reminds me a little of my youngest, Lane. He's 16 months, and he loves to get kissed by almost anybody. Annelie should meet Lane!

Novita said...

He is one of the lucky boy got kissed by such beautiful girl;)

luv4sams (Lisa) said...

OMG, she is so cute and yes, definitely teach her to play hard to get!

Lorissa J. Longfellow said...

so cute. I don't think they need to learn hard to get quite yet, but soon. LOL
My DD (3 years old) has been know to ask the boys to chase her.

able mabel said...

What a fun and relaxing trip! Your photos are gorgeous!

By the way...I saw your artwork in the finals of the Etsy contest (as you had blogged earlier) and I voted for you! Love your work! Good luck to you also!

Oh Mandie said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful time!!!

I'm totally jealous over here!!

Marie said...

How adorable! She is too cute! Thanks for sharing that cool spot-since I'm close enough, I can actually plan to go there with my family. We're always looking for neat places close by to go to-thanks!

::::Lula Boutique:::: said...

OMG...That looks like so much fun!!! Your family sure does know how to have a good time!

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