Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Two Eager Beavers and Olivia Pot Pie

Gracie and Annelie each got a little surprise in the mail from our favorite new Etsy shop: Olivia Pot Pie. I'm sure most of you loyal readers will remember the post from the other day {here} , in which I took the drawing (which was a pattern for a stuffed cat called Mittens) made by four year old Olivia, and turned it into a Tootsie and Grace illustration.

Well Olivia has a shop of her own now, a mom and daughter collaboration of adorable softies designed by Olivia and made into cuddly friends by her mother, Anne (aka Casserole). Olivia even picks out the fabric and stuffs the softies herself! Gracie and Annelie became the proud owners of these adorable surprise stuffed Beavers designed from Gracie's very own Barrington the Beaver illustration.

How awesome is that? I swear, I was completely blown away when the girls opened their packages. I immediately jumped up and ran to retrieve the illustration of Barrington, so that Gracie and Annelie could see that their new little beavers look EXACTLY like the beaver illustration in our shop (although I think the star tail fabric is way cuter than the criss-cross tail on Barrington).

"Gracie, look! Your new stuffed animal is the beaver just like the picture you drew!" I exclaimed as I held up the picture for the girls to see.

"Thats right, Mom! Good job!" Gracie said back (she always talks to me as if I'm the one who is three and deserves a gold star for getting the answer right).

Gracie was pretty tickled by these cute little beavers, but I must say that the one she wanted the most was the one that Annelie opened up. That is her new thing... always wanting whatever her little sister is given. Even if it has the same big toothy grin and starry tail.

And of course, nothing compares to the excitement of getting a surprise package in the mail!

Thank you Olivia Pot Pie!

Be sure to go on over and visit their new Etsy shop. At the moment, this little Curly Tailed Spider Pig is waiting for a home. How seriously adorable is this? I love his arms.

And his little curly tailed rump.

You can find this very unusual and highly adorable softie at



Rosebud Collection said...

Enjoyed the pictures, as always..The beavers are adorable. She does really nice work..

idyll hands said...


Those are cute and the pictures of the girls with the beavers is even cuter.

kim* said...

thats super sweet :)

Denise Felton said...

You and Annie have got it goin on, girl!!! Maybe you should collaborate to offer prints AND softies to the less-talented moms of nearly-as-talented children. :)

*wishing I had a Barrington Beaver and a Spider Pig*

April said...

what a lovely surprise! gracie sure is a great artist!

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

How FUN!!!
=) melanie

Marie said...

That is so adorable! What a nice surprise!

sweetpicklespottery said...

How cute are these?? Too Adorable!!

Janna said...

Those pics of your girls with their beavers are so cute. What a fun surprise! My oldest always wants everything his baby brother gets too, even if they are the same. Funny, huh?

I have seen the pig in person, and it's bigger than I realized and even cuter than it appears in the photo. Casserole's work is very high quality.

Jennifer said...

her shop sounds like such a good idea. i'm going to check it out. how funny that your little gracie talks to you like that. aren't 3-year-olds funny. it looks like you have another one who will soon be following her trails. you have some lovely little girlies!

Kim said...

that is so neat! :)

Anne said...

OMG This makes me so proud to see that the little Barringtons are loved!! Your little ones are so adorable, as always! It must be a treat to be greeted by those sweet grins every day.

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