Saturday, May 9, 2009

Oh YUM: BLT Quesadilla Wrap a la Natalie Perry

I absolutely LOVE the blog Perry's Plate, put together by Natalie Perry, a fellow mom of two little girls, jewelry maker, and super foodie.

Everything she makes causes me to droooooool, as her recipes sound so fantastic and her photos look even better. Natalie is the queen of taking restaurant foods she loves and creating them at home (such as the Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits), sharing tried and true recipes from her favorite books and magazines (such as this recipe for 5-Spice Roast Chicken), as well as inventing new and amazing looking dinners, snacks and desserts, such as this Grilled Chicken Salad with Chipotle Lime Vinaigrette)

Holy cow, everything sounds so good.

I absolutely, positively had to put together her BLT Quesadilla Wrap which I've had on my list of things to make since she posted it in March.

I'm a huge BLT fan, huge quesadilla fan, and let me just tell you now, combining the two is GENIUS! Served with a side of garden veggie toasted chips, and the girls and I had a pretty darned fantastic lunch.

You know lunch is a hit in our household when Annelie smears it all over the table, in her hair and on her face. No, we won't be invited to tea with the Queen of England anytime soon.

If you haven't seen Perry's Plate, oh dear you are gonna be in trouble. Natalie isn't afraid to create delicious dishes that are not exactly on a low fat, low calorie diet. But you know, life is short so eat well. You will certainly be doing that if you re-create Natalie's dishes!

Next recipe from Perry's Plate for me to try: Rolling Maki Sushi
Will can't wait for me to get cracking on the sushi-rolling.



Pretty Things said...

Made my mouth water!

Natalie said...

Oh Marisa! How sweet are you? Thanks for your lovely tribute to my blog :)

Alyssa S. said...

MMM. That looks tres yummy. Though hold the "t" for me (no likey the tomatoes). Sushi sounds good too, maki either. Here at the Kroger near me, the sushi chefs make something called "spicy cajun shrimp rolls" that are to DIE for. I'm not a seafood fan (which, yes, is bizarre for someone who lived in Hawaii for 23 years and Boston for 7), but I loves me some shrimps.

Carry Grace said...

Oh my! That is going on the list this week.

Oh Mandie said...

oh I'm obsessed with food-ie blogs with awesome (kid pleasing!) recipes! Thanks for sharing Marisa! :)

Soggy Dog Studios said...

Ohhh that all looks yummy!!!!
Hey - I just found your sock monkeys!!!! LOVE THEM!!!!

Janna said...

Thanks for sharing! I love great recipes, especially if my kids will eat it too. Had to add this one to my google reader.

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

YUM!! Can you come on over and cook for me?

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