Monday, June 29, 2009

Croeso y Elegant Snobbery! - or - A Random Post With a Few Welsh Words Thrown In

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So I Googled my shop name last night (don't even tell me you don't Google yourself. I won't believe you) because my Google Alerts aren't very alert, as they always tell me crap info - such as, "Hey you just listed a new item in your shop!" and "Hey, you just added a new blog post!" which, hello, I obviously know. Meanwhile, there might be something cool going on - such as someone in Wales viewing my Facebook fan page in Welsh...

And my alert doesn't even tell me that!

Okay, perhaps that isn't very cool to anyone... but it is to me. Well, mostly because, as I was looking at the "Elegant Snobbery" finds that came up, I saw a whole bunch of jibberish with "Elegant Snobbery" thrown in and thought, "HEY! That's in Welsh!"

In case you are wondering, I don't speak Welsh. I do know a few things, like "Welcome to Wales" (Croeso y Cymru) - which is on every street sign in Wales, so I think just about any tourist knows that. And gwesty means hotel, but I only know that because I love the story of how my MIL thought there were a ton of 'Hotel Gwesty' chains all over the country, not realizing all the hotel direction signs were just written in both English and Welsh....

But I don't know anything useful, and I certainly can't read it, which is why I was so shocked that I recognized my Facebook fanpage in jibberish was actually in my hubby's native tongue (lie! he doesn't actually speak it, but he can sing the national anthem, though he does a few 'la la laaaaa's where he doesn't remember the words).

Last night at the dinner table, Will asked Gracie if she was American or Welsh and she rolled her eyes and said, "I'm Welsh," and the way she said it like, duh, what an obvious question, Dad, had me wondering if Will secretly drills into the girl's heads that they are Welsh, Welsh, and only Welsh, whenever I have my back turned.

Speaking of Welsh hubbies... guess who got his Green Card?

If you guessed Will, you'd be correct! HURRAY! I think I did a pretty good job disguising the fact that I was a total basketcase in February as we were finishing the last (for the next 10 years, at least) of the government paperwork, not knowing if Will was going to get the big red 'denied' stamp (it happens!).

But yay, he got a Green Card, instead. It just came in the mail the other day.

Anyway, so about that Welsh person looking at my Facebook fanpage... I actually shouldn't be so surprised, as I know quite a few people in Wales, some who speak Welsh. And Will knows a whole lot more. It was probably one of them, but... it just seems cool, though, doesn't it?

Or if you were in Wales, you'd say that last sentence as, "It just seems cool, like, is it?"

Ah, well. I did say this was a random post with a few Welsh words thrown in.



Pretty Things said...

Oh gosh, Welsh! I read six books by Sharon Kay Penman that had Welsh names in them, and I do remember that two "dd"s together were pronounced "th", so Davidd was Davith

Annie Howes said...

I think that's totally cool! And congrats to Will and his green card! :o)))

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

LOL!! That is cool. I have had a couple people leave me comments on my blog in another language, but never welsh.

Momma J said...

My hubby visited Wales once and LOVED it. I really need to go some day!

Kim said...

I KNOW that feeling!! it took an eternity to get my status, and there was no reason for it...except a backlog...I need to catch up on your beautiful blog!

Alyssa S. said...

How cool...and the story you told reminds me of how, when I lived in Hawaii, how funny we thought that tourists would believe that "Mahalo" meant "trash" because it was written on the trash can flap at the malls, not realizing that it actually means "thank you" as in thanks for putting your opala in the can!

Green card...hee hee...I know a proud moment, but somehow it makes me think of Born in East LA!

Winklepots said...

I wish someone Welsh would read my blog. Can you bring Gracie over to the computer to take a gander at my latest post? :o)
Very cool indeed you international blogger, you.

Hobocamp Crafts said...

I had never googled myself till maybe a year or two ago- it was pretty silly and fun. I found you through Mama Drama and glad I did!

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