Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Um... So... I Blogged about the Birds & the Bees, Today.

It was awkward. And my face was red the entire time I typed it.

But go and read, anyway.

And perhaps pat my head and tell me everything will be alright and I will survive my daughter's teen years and a more elaborate version of "the talk" somehow.



w said...

i'm scared to go. the birds and the bees scare me. which is why i have traps set up around my house and i carry bug spray with me everywhere.

Unknown said...

You make me laugh.

See Mom Smile said...

I have been thinking about posting about our birds and bees talks with our kids. They are priceless!

D said...

hehe just read that. The funny thing is you know your mom was probably just as mortified as you when watching that PBS special and she was probably SO glad you didn't have any questions haha!

I told Abi once that it was like a 'puzzle' but that's it. lol. luckily she hasn't asked any more questions.

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