Wednesday, October 20, 2010

When the Bleep Hits the Fan...

If you're sitting here wondering if I've blogged over at
The Mama Dramalogues, the answer would be YES!

And I shouted that answer, because lately I feel like
I'm shouting everything, because my
kids - specifically my 3 year old - are driving me insane.

So. Come on by. You know you want to.

Click THIS to be magically transported to my post.

And happy Wednesday to you!



Dianne K. Salerni said...


Three is definitely the new two. Oh yes. Two year olds might be known for their tantrums, but three year olds are stronger, heavier, and meaner. My older daughter yanked out a fistful of my hair during a temper tantrum when she was three ...

However, when it comes to the "annoyance" factor, ten is the new three.

Unknown said...

haha, 3 is the new 2... I love that Dianne!! (the idea, not the fact,haha!). And ten is the new three... oh dear, I am in for a TREAT!

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