Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Little Peek of My WIP

So... I just added a new friend to my NaNoWriMo buddies list and she immediately said, "Can't wait to read your synopsis and excerpt!" to which I replied, "I'm a big fat wuss and didn't post any!" to which she replied, "Yeah, I was nervous too, but I'm not a big fat wuss like you so I posted mine anyway!"

Okay, I'm putting words in her mouth. She didn't call me a big fat wuss. But I felt like one. And here you, my lovely blog friends, have been reading my blatherings about my latest writing project for weeks, with music and everything, cheering me on and patting me on the head, and sticking gold stars to my good-girl chart... Yet I've been too big of a baby to even share my project with anyone.

Well, as my awesome friend/critique partner Jon once said, it's time for me to get over myself (yes, he really did say that. He's my b*tch-slapping crit partner). So, for anyone who's interested, here's the synopsis and an excerpt of my current project - A YA action adventure (with quite a lot of blood, guts, and monsters) that I call The Ever-living because I don't have a better title for it yet.

You're welcome to laugh at me, but you can't let me know about it. Just sayin'

Synopsis - Seventeen year old Hallie is ready for summer vacation and has her days all figured out: parties, trips to the beach and an occasional baby-sitting job to earn money in between. But only moments after chanting the traditional no more homework, no more books and tossing her backpack into the closet for three glorious sun-filled months, Hallie finds herself following the metaphorical (and, incidentally, literal) white rabbit into a world she never knew existed. One right smack dab in the middle of her own, where the Ever-living deities answer the prayers, wishes, and profanities of mortals, and the only cost is that of a human sacrifice every now and again – preferably a virgin. A virgin just like Hallie.

And my excerpt (from the start of Ch. 3)-

By the time we hit Ocean Street, Josie’s hyperventilating so hard she has to pull over. “Jesus, Hallie! What the hell happened back there?” She grips and releases the wheel like she’s milking a cow and I reach out to touch her shoulder to soothe her the same way Harmony soothed Vix. But Josie jumps when my fingers touch her skin, and her hand smashes the wheel so hard it lets out a blaring honk and she screams.

“Calm down!” I have to shout. “We’re fine! I’m fine. Everything’s fine.” I finally take a breath, sucking in deep and letting it out slowly. “They wanted to screw with my mind. Like, lock my brain, or something. But we’re gone, we’re safe.” As my heart starts to slow, a grin of relief takes over my face. Ha! Take that, freaky gods. No mind locking today.

“What the heck are you talking about? I think I’m having a heart attack.” Josie's still breathing hard, her hand on her chest rising up and down. “I need garlic fries.”

“How would that help your situation?”

She rolls her eyes as if it should be obvious. “If I’m going to die of a heart attack, my last meal better be garlic fries.”

I glance at the clock on the dashboard. “Lunchtime. Let’s grab some at the Boardwalk. My treat.”

“And a funnel cake,” Josie adds, but of course I don’t mind, because it’s my parent’s who are paying for our unhealthy decisions. Then Josie gives me an expectant look. “And then we go right? Just like you promised?”

Just like that, my stomach is a hard lump again.


Okey-dokey, that's all from me.

Happy weekend, folks!



Wilvis said...

First! Well done big brave girl. Your writin is superb. Two thumbs and up.

Meeling said...

Wow! Sounds awesome...and way to go for posting it!!

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Miss_Tammy said...

Sounds great! Love it!

April said...

Ok, how sweet is it that Will left the first comment??

That sounds pretty, gosh darn AWESOME! I just KNOW that you're gonna get published!

mshatch said...

very intriguing snippet!

AnnieMay said...

*Hey Marise, Just want to tell you from an objective point of view, yet someone that has known you since you were a wee little tot- this excerpt is fantastic. Here's why.... I found myself (although being thrown in at chapter 3) sitting in that car with josie and her friend. I laughed out loud about the garlic fries, and felt my stomach tense up and do a flip flop out of fear and tension. I don't know how you haven't just shot your career to the moon yet because you have so much fricking talent! I truly believe that practice makes perfect and the fact that you read non-stop and write everyday really shows just how far you've come since 4th grade....:D You're on your way, my friend, you're on your way. I know without a doubt, these books that you write are going to be in the Borders bookstore near me, here in sunny CA. I'm so happy for you. :) xoxo

Angela Ackerman said...

Very intruiging synopsis. :) Good on you for posting it, and an bit of the writing. Good luck with Nano, too!

Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

Krystalyn Drown said...

Hey, glad you posted it. Good stuff.

Heather Kelly said...

M--Thanks so much for posting it! It was full of voice, quick-paced, breathless, funny, and definitely piqued my interest. You go girl!!

Alyssa S. said...

See, now that you put it out there and have built up the hype, you'll have to finish! WOO HOOOOOO!

Unknown said...

Thanks, everybody!! :D

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