Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More Ho Ho Holiday Crafting With Kids

'Tis the season for holiday crafting, and me and the girls, especially three-year-old Annelie, have finally gotten into the holiday crafting spirit.

After tracing Annelie's hands onto some brown floral paper and cutting it out, along with some other shapes, Annelie made a collage portrait of Rudolph (and yes, we did sing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer the entire time we were crafting)

Anything involving glue and/or glitter is just the thing to bring cheer to all... and if you put the glue in a little cup and let your preschool-aged kiddo paint it on, the clean up is pretty quick and easy, as painting glue onto a project is a lot cleaner than squeezing the glue onto a project (you know what kids are like with a squeeze tube of glue, right? Frightening)

For the deer head, I just free hand cut out shapes from card stock and let Annelie do all the assembling. She did awesomely. I was expecting wonkier eyes and ears coming out of the side of the face, but my kiddo wow'd me by making the reindeer look like a reindeer and not a Christmas monster.

Cute. But the best part is, of course, her signature.

That's right. E L I N N E A

Hey, at least she got the letters right!

This collage was made for me by both of my girls.

Scrapbook paper for the trees and snowflake background, white card stock for the snow. And that is me standing next to a snowman, if you can't tell. Gracie did my portrait and Annelie made the snowman and together we assembled and glued.

A cute and easy family collaboration!

And last - a little unplanned graffiti art, compliments of my darling three-year-old.

I'm supposed to be mad, because we have a "ART AND STICKERS ON PAPER ONLY" rule, which I enforce in a militant style (and I can be scary, let me just say)...

But I had to snap a photo when Annelie wasn't looking because her happy-faced mermaid is pretty darned cute, even if it is on our kitchen table and NOT ON PAPER.

Do my kids seriously think I won't notice this stuff?

Anyway, happy holiday crafting to you and you and you!



Meeling said...

Cute reindeer!!
Perfect idea of putting glue in a lid...we use the little dixie cups at work for the 3 year olds or we'd all be covered in glue/paint...works wonderfully!

I had a "wall writer" too...It was so hard to get mad though, especially when it was the cutest picture or they wrote their name!

beka said...

Oh my, her signature! WAY cute.
Yeah...one of my younger sisters was a wall writer for a little bit there....

TMCPhoto said...

I recently had to order a moratorium on felt pens here after some random mark making on our couch, your mermaid is much sweeter than squiggle marks.

I love the reindeer and the collage, it's perfect

mshatch said...

your kids are so going to appreciate all this when they get bigger :)

Alyssa S. said...

Know what I'm doing on Christmas Eve? I'm watercoloring with salt and making reindeer with handprint antlers. You are my crafty muse :)

Oh Mandie said...

eeeep, those reindeer are about the cutest thing ever! I think we'll have to make a team of those babies here!

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