Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Make It: Personalized Baby Book

I've had babies on the brain lately. It could be because spring has sprung and baby stuff is EVERYWHERE. It could be because my BFF Jenni is due with a baby girl this summer. Or maybe because my teeny-tiny, itsy-bitsy newborn baby girl is turning SIX in one month...

SIX!! She's practically a grown up.

With babies on the brain, I thought I'd share a crafty project I made when Gracie was in her baby days. A personalized baby book, made with photographs, scrapbook paper, and magazines. Super simple.

I started by writing a poem:

Baby - From Head to Toe

Baby has a button nose
Two blue eyes that open and close
She has ten fingers
and she has ten toes
Kissable lips like the bud of a rose
She has two ears
A body wearing clothes
And a little belly button for...
Raspberry blows!

(Okay, I'm not the world's greatest poet, I admit, but it's not too bad, and if you plan on making one of these for the baby in your life, it can be easily changed to suit your needs)

The cover is the above photo - scrapbook paper, photo, letters cut from a magazine - and here is the rest of the book:

And the back cover is an about the baby page, because it is just so easy to forget all the day-to-day baby stuff!

A quick and easy project! And if you want to make it nice and durable, head on over to your local copy shop and have it laminated and coil bound - you can get it done at Office Max for only a couple of bucks.




Meeling said...

Too cute!!!

I had a mini photo album that I made for my boys when they were little...they love looking at pictures of themselves.

Yours is WAY more creative though....very cute!!

Julia said...

That is so adorable! Thanks for sharing. Visiting via the EBT!

TMCPhoto said...

so sweet, love the raspberry blows because that's exactly what that belly button's for.

Laura Pauling said...

That is so sweet! I had mini albums but nothing like that.

My Inspired Reality said...

Fabulous idea, loved it. Thank you for sharing:)

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