Monday, November 28, 2011

Free Shipping in Elegant Snobbery!

I was all set to announce FREE SHIPPING FOR CYBER MONDAY in my Etsy shop and then I thought, Let's be real for a second, Marisa. How likely is it that you'll remember to put your shipping settings back to normal when Monday is over?

Yeah, not likely.



Woo! I'll be leaving my shop, Elegant Snobbery, open until Dec. 15th so Christmas orders can arrive in time for Christmas.

My shop is getting close to empty - from over 150 listings down to under 50! Woo! But also kind of sad. It's been nearly two years since my non-stop drawing days, and I just realized today that it's been SEVEN months since I even sketched a picture, let alone picked up my colored pencils and had fun.


I might need to add "draw lots and lots" to my list of New Years resolution this year.

Have a great week, folks!



DancingMooney said...

Why aren't you drawing?! What's up with that?!! Happy holidays sweetie! ;)

Heather Kelly said...

Marisa--I was thinking about this very thing today--wondering why you don't throw your hat in the ring as an illustrator... :) And now I wonder if I've already asked you that question. Hmmm.

I love the prints that I already have. I'll have to see if I have extra wall space for some more!

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