Monday, May 7, 2012

Outta the Mouths of Babes.9

I've had these little bits saved up for awhile - a handful of things heard around Chez Hopkins.


ME [calling to Gracie in the other room]: Can you turn off the light?

ANNELIE [walking in from outside]: WHAT?! NO!


Oh, you meant can Gracie turn off the light. I thought you meant me, but my light is the sun, and I can't turn that off!!!


GRACIE [watching Will put on his suit jacket before a meeting]: You look really handsome. You look like you’re going to a mineral.

WILL: A mineral?

GRACIE: Isn’t that was you call the party when you celebrate dead people?

WILL: A funeral?

GRACIE: Yeah, you look handsome, like you’re going to a funeral.


ANNELIE [coloring beside me]: Do you like my little girl? She has grey hair.

ME [looking at Annelie's picture of a small child]: Your little girl is very cute. I'm curious about why you gave her grey hair.

ANNELIE: She has grey hair because she was from a long, long time ago.


GRACIE: Mom, did you get a hair cut?

ME: No.

GRACIE: Oh. I thought you did. Because of [gestures vaguely at my head] that thing.

ME: ...... what thing?

GRACIE: That..... right there.

ME: My bangs?


ME: I trimmed them ...... [officially paranoid] Is there something wrong with them?

GRACIE [long pause]: No..... They look fine.

ME: .....


ME [to Annelie]: Don't forget to turn off the TV!

ANNELIE: I won't. I don't forget anything. I don't even forget that one plus one is two.


ME [reading emails]: Boo, I just got another rejection.

ANNELIE [patting my back]: Well, that's not bad. I just got FORTY rejections.

ANNELIE [picking up drawing paper and a pen]: I'm going to draw myself a present, but I have to close my eyes the whole time because presents are a secret. 


ANNELIE [teaching Gracie how to sing]: Just repeat after me. [sings] Do... Re... You... La... So... No... Me... How..!

GRACIE: Do... Re... You... La... So... No... Me... How..!

(I think another viewing of The Sound of Music is in our near future!)


That's all the fun for tonight, folks! Happy Monday!



Kelly Polark said...

These posts always make me smile, Marisa!
Your girls are awesome!

Denise Felton said...

You know I LOVE all your posts. But the quotes from the Hopkins girls are always my favorites! They so give me flashbacks, though. Like when I picked my girls up after a weekend visit to their dad's. And I said, "Did you have fun with Daddy this weekend?" And my youngest says, "Yes! We went to Granny's party!" And I said, "Oh, there was a party for Granny? How nice. How come? It's not her birthday yet." And she says, "You know...the party they give for you when you die." Yup. That's how I found out my mother-in-law had passed away. :(

Leah said...

Oh yes, men at minerals are always so handsome :)

Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said...

Oh my word, your kiddos are adorable!! My favorite is "Well that's not so bad. I just got FORTY rejections!" hahaha! Brilliant.

Julie Dao said...

Sooo cute. I love the "turning off the sun" quote!!

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

LMBO!! Your kids are too funny!!

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