Monday, August 27, 2012

Off to School

I can't decide which feels weirder: having two kids in school, or a house that is so quiet. 

It certainly wasn't this morning, as Gracie got ready for second grade and Annelie got ready for kindergarten. Will took care of the music, blasting Pink Floyd and Madness for the girls to listen to as they ate breakfast and brushed their teeth.  

(for your listening pleasure:)


And then they were off.

Annelie insisted she wear her new party dress. Gracie chose the shirt we designed together and made this weekend.

Hard to believe it's already been two years since this:

(Also, I think it's officially time I stop cutting Annelie's hair. I don't want her to be known as 'the girl whose mom cuts her bangs.' Whoops).

I overheard the girls making plans to sit next to each other on the bus home this afternoon, and yep, I got a little teary.

Will is working from home today, and we're both slightly dazed. But we're definitely happy to have the day together, without the kids.(HURRAY!)

Have a great week, folks!



TMCPhoto said...

Yay for first days! Time seems to fly as soon as school starts with kids. Last year the Peanut was a tiny kindergartner now she's all self assured and ready for 1stgrade. Last year the Bean was a bump on a log on the Peanut's first day this year we won't be able to keep her still or in one place before during and after the bell rings.

Hope you enjoy the quiet

Unknown said...

Yes, enjoy the quiet! T-minus 9 days for us.

PS - You do a fine job with Annelie's bangs.

w said...

party dresses are okay for the first day of school. and the last. and any day. shirts you made with mom? ditto.

also. i was just about to belt out "hey! teachers!" when i clicked the "comment" thingie - not thinking it would stop the video and send me to another page.

Kelly Polark said...

What a memorable day, Marisa! Hugs to you. It isn't easy sending your youngest off for kindergarten!!!
Enjoy the free time though!!
Adorable photos!!

Dianne K. Salerni said...

Wow, you've got both kids in school, and both of my kids have left my school. I no longer have any daughters in elementary school with me (where I am perpetually stuck in fifth grade). One is in high school, and the other just started middle school.

DancingMooney said...

Oh wow Marisa, both of your girls at school now... how exciting. I bet once they get settled, you'll fall into a new routine, and you'll find more creative time to work too. Hopefully. Or time to relax, such as it is... this life. :)


Natalie C Parker said...

What a big day. And so exciting!! Annelie's bangs are ADORABLE.

DeanfromAustralia said...

Congratulations on the big day. The girls are a treasure. I always find it a little wierd that you guys start school in the middle of the year when we start in January and finish in December. But I guess that's wierd to you huh.

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