Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Shredded Teddies

I love getting song recs from my mom, and Radioactive, by Imagine Dragons is the latest.

I like it. My favorite part, however is the video, which reminds me of something straight out of Annelie's wacky, creative little mind.

Just so you know, my childhood teddy would totally annihilate all those critters.

See how tough he is?

(too bad a 3-year-old Annelie, appropriately nicknamed The Queen Of Destruction - also, The Annihilator, defeated him years ago. Sigh.)

And as for Annelie's latest wacky and creative stuffs, here you go:

Its a picture of a monster being light-zapped by the sun, screaming, "No! you can't do this to me!"

And the duck, a mere onlooker, is saying, "Why not, baby?"


What have you been up to lately, folks?



Anonymous said...

Love the song, and Annelie's picture is so creative!

Kearsie said...

Oh man. This is Muppets Do LSD.

I kind of love it.

Kelly Warren said...

just popping in to say hello! my old teddy is still hanging around as well, but he's still in better shape than sarah's bunny...who's had at least 27 surgeries. love annelie's drawing.

Unknown said...

Mom - right?! :)

Kears - Hahaha, totally.

Kelly - yay, nice to see you! Haha, I know what you mean about the surgeries - we've had a few (and some bleachings, as apparently 5 year olds think taking a Sharpie to their favorite toy is okay - reminds me of your couch story!!)

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